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Thread: My Experince on Confrontation Game

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    Mar 2012

    My Experince on Confrontation Game

    First impressions are positive, but the lobby for multiplayer seemed empty. The ladder has 15 names on it. Gameplay is very WH: DOW similar in terms of movement, boxing units, etc., so it'll be familiar to many right away. Nice micro management on the squad so far. Points for advancement seem to be per squad, so they need to be individually assigned, leading to some nice management elements. In some preview they said that the AU has some problems with pathfinding after giving orders and especially on narrow passages. so what you all think on this game comment here....

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    Re: My Experince on Confrontation Game

    i have installed this game and Still on the first mission (at least, I think so... into the lab now). So far I've seen some collision issues with squad members trying to shoulder each other aside to fit through a passage. It's been tough to play with the mouse, I'm finding, other than to use it to move. Keyboard commands seem more functionally sound, especially when trying to target something in a heap of activity. I like that it's something of a thinking man's game, so far.

    Haven't been able to find anyone else in the multiplayer lobby yet.Lost my first multi, was very fast, 3 mins each round or so. Lots of AI causing guys to run into each other, standing idly when they can't act due to being blocked, etc. Frustrating, in that regard, at times. Still fun though... very much a dungeon crawl campaign- wise so far.

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    Mar 2012

    Re: My Experince on Confrontation Game

    had my first few rounds against other players this morning.it was a bit confusing at first because i didn't really know what all the skills exactly do, but it grows on you. although i did enjoy the pvp, i do get the feeling it will get old fast with only playing 1vs1 on very small maps. i really hope they will add some more options (scenario's, bigger maps, teamplay), otherwise this game awesome....

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    Feb 2012

    Re: My Experince on Confrontation Game

    i think sometimes the path finding is awkward in the game but its new and ur dealing with a party so thats sometimes to be expected at times. i just wish they would add more game modes for mp. im not really a big fan of pvp only and not alot of people play the actual mp. but over all the game is pretty enjoyable and not full bugs which is always nice. along with there are some bug on this game which i would like to share here:

    Huge party members portraits and huge UI in general. No way to hide mission objective pane. (I play at 1280 x 1024 and UI occupies ~ 1/2 - 1/3 fraction of my screen). No character names in UI.
    When I try to use a spell/ability that I dont have "mana" I got error message in the center instead of just disabling it. And "mana" requirements are dug inside tooltip using a tiny font.

    Using middle mouse for camera rotation only. I can neither rotate camera with keyboard nor redefine the middle mouse. (IMO: wheel is for spinning it not for pressing. And especially when it has additional function -- zooming. Using the wheel as a button should be optional). No zoom with keyboard. Reaction lag on "Move" command.

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