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Thread: Windows 7, how can I open .jnlp extension in Internet Explorer 9

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    Windows 7, how can I open .jnlp extension in Internet Explorer 9

    There is a problem while opening and running the .jnlp file in my IE9 browser. Every time I try to open, it gives me a prompt message saying "do you want to open or save xxx.jnlp from <host name>“. In addition, it wont give any an option to run this program or to "remember to do this for this file extension always". I know that the .jnlp file is associate to the “javaws”. After I save and double click the application is launched. I just want to know that is there any setting that I can do run this MIME type instead of opening it or saving it?

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    Re: Windows 7, how can I open .jnlp extension in Internet Explorer 9

    This problem is faced with several of people all you have to do is make it stop doing MIME sniffing. You can disable this MIME sniffing by selecting IE the go to tools then to internet options then click custom level after that select Miscellaneous section. After that scroll down in this section then check enable under” open files based on content, not the file extension”

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    Re: Windows 7, how can I open .jnlp extension in Internet Explorer 9

    To tell you that the name of the file that is specified is .jnlp file name. After you choose the option save the file the file is saved as “200.jnlp" and then after you have to save it to local disk and then double click it, works fine. The problem is that I want to open it directly with jnlp file without prompting and it worked in IE 7 and IE 8. To look the network traffic between the IE9 on the client machine I used developer option. While at the host MIME type is correctly being set. This is the way it actually works: the user click the link in IE and then it calls the java servlet which help us to return a url with some parameters and then give in response the JNLP contents. Using “javaws” executable the jnlp is opened on the client side PC or you could just try to revert to internet explorer 8. In these there is no such issue. Just remove the IE 9 and then use the version IE 8.

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    Re: Windows 7, how can I open .jnlp extension in Internet Explorer 9

    Thanks for your reply friend but yet to solution. It dint worked. BTW, do you know what solution should be done on the server? Actually there is Java Servlet that generates the JNLP contents and in response it had the same correct content type response.setContentType("application/x-java-jnlp-file"), please help?

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