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Thread: What is Simplocker and how to remove this?

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    Aug 2012

    What is Simplocker and how to remove this?

    I want to know a bit about Simplocker. Is it software or some kind of security threat? I am getting to many attachments with this name. And the mail shows that it is some kind software that I need urgently. I want to know a bit about this. I do not want install this directly. I donít know exactly how to deal with the same. I am having a free antivirus in my pc and that does not detect anything. Still I am not sure about the attachment.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: What is Simplocker and how to remove this?

    It is a virus. And it is a very annoying one. It is not easy to remove the same. This is a virus that encrypted files on the phone and then you might get a call and someone will ask you to pay money to unencrypt the files.

    This is also called as ransom ware. And it is very hard to get rid of these things. This virus does not work on pc. It is made for mobile phone and works very well on android.

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    Re: What is Simplocker and how to remove this?

    Simplocker is very much like a blackmailer virus. And it is made for Android. It is a quiet dangerous pest that is on android phone and it is not easy to remove. It has an ability to encrypt all data on and you wonít be able to access your phone. Your sim network will work. It is also possible that the data will be practically destroyed. It is a very annoying thing in android. It is not clear how it comes.

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