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Thread: Best Torrent Sites to Download

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    Best Torrent Sites to Download

    Which torrent sites are best to download? When I search on web I found a lot of sites. Like piratebay. But when I go on that, every time it gives me a popup to download file. It is some kind of media player. I skip that. I checked kickass also. I want some help here to find the best torrent site which is clean and offer a fast download. I am quite sure there will be some suitable site still.

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    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    Many torrent sites misguide. Due to which you get this kind of problems. It is also important what files you are downloading. You cannot just download anything which can create a problem.

    Here you can try using bitport.io. It is an amazing torrent platform where you can check the files before downloading. It gives you a cloud network access and you can see what files are in the torrent. It is a great site to use.

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    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    There are two sites that I want to refer. The first one is Furk and the second one is File Stream. Both are amazing and great to use. Furk is like cloud storage. You can store your files in it and stream them whenever you want. You don't have to really download the same. The second one File Stream is also not a bad at all. This one is also a kind of good cloud based media sharing platform that comes loaded with an encryption support.

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    Jan 2015

    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    kickass.to is always updated and you can sort your results by time added/seeders and a lot more.
    there are lots of comments from users who download the torrents.
    all in all a good experience.

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    Junior Member thayyil's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    United States of America

    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    The popups coming are ads and you can stop them by using an ADBlocker. If you are using Google Chrome, you can get the ADBLOCKER HERE : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...ibdccddilifddb

    The Best website for searching/downloading torrents is torrentz.eu

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    Junior Member
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    Apr 2015

    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    First download Adblock and then browse the site so that you don't get ads on the pages you visit and by that way you will not get annoyed by the popping popus on every site.I think KickAss is the best when it comes to Torrents.

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    Dec 2015

    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    +1 on kickass kat.cr.allows.xyz I always find what I am looking for. And in the best quality too. Like shimoen says checking the comments always helps you find the best torrent. Great community.

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    Feb 2016

    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    torrentz.com is the best torrent search engine to find any torrent

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    Jul 2016

    Re: Best Torrent Sites to Download

    TorrentHound has been around since the last decade but is a newcomer in the top 10. It has also been on the radar of copyright holders this year. The torrent site is blocked in several countries and was reported as a piracy haven to the U.S. government, alongside many other sites in this list.

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