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Thread: Glitches In Kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning Legend of Dead Kel

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2012

    Glitches In Kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning Legend of Dead Kel

    hello i have installed this game a week before and everything working properly without any issue but last night while playing the game i have found lots of glitch on this game and due to that i am not able to play this game. Make the sequel less boring and offer more than glorified fetch quests surrounding mundane lore no one cares about.game looks great, only thing that sucks about it is the controls. should have made the game with traditional controls for w,a,s,d and not made them to have the character run in the press direction. W = forward, A = forward in that direction, D = forward in that direction and W = forward in that direction. the game would be better if the controls were W,A,S,D for forward, left & right strafe and backwards.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Glitches In Kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning Legend of Dead Kel

    The problem with the camera control I have also noticed. This is probably because the camera seems to be not even focused on the character, but to a point slightly behind it, why it happened on camera rotations and that the character is not in the center remains, but moves to the edge of the frame. Very, very strange.

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    Feb 2012

    Re: Glitches In Kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning Legend of Dead Kel

    The first issue relates to the camera work. I come with the free camera that is still not the best deal, That's just the fight, from time to time in places where they did not want me. Also, I have the impression that the camera is set too low and You look down on the floor before permanently. I have to do all the time, move the camera up to get to the interesting part of the game world into focus. I find that's not solved optimally. The second matter relates generally to the structure of the game world.

    I had said it before and I stick to it, right OpenWorld is not for me. The world is divided into separate, having separate levels or areas. The whole thing is exacerbated by the fact that you can not jump and invisible walls prevent the overcoming even the smallest protrusions and edges. Nevertheless, the design of the game world to the fact that Amalur for me probably "only" is a great game and not my ultimate dream-RPG. Too bad.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Glitches In Kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning Legend of Dead Kel

    I could make the whole day not connect to EA servers in order to get the bonus items I can. I'll probably have to do without it, since I started the demo anyway. I had bug that had black screen after the intro only. What has annoyed me immediately was that you can not go anywhere as you want and that is bounded by invisible walls of cliffs.

    The mouse speed, I first had to turn down much, since the default setting does not go, but that was of course to the gaming mouse. The opponent I found on the difficulty "normal" too easy, most were simply with left click. The inventory is a little confusing, yes that was predicted by gaming magazines. However, I like it a little better than that of Old Republic, which has often times.. I liked The game and I would like to continue playing.

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