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Poll: Windows 10 vs Windows 8

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Thread: Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Comparison

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    Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Comparison

    Windows 8 has confused many by providing the tile based UI. And removing the start menu was one of the biggest changes that caused Microsoft to face various critics. Now Microsoft appeared with Windows 10 bring out something very new and unique. And you are having ample of great features here. We are going to checkout a very short comparison here among Windows 8 and Windows 10 to find out what things are great here.

    It was quiet surprised that Microsoft directly skipped Windows 9 after Windows 8. This was the one thing that was widely rumored on web and after when Windows 10 was out people was quiet amazed. A technical preview of Windows 10 is available on the web and on that basis we will be comparing this two operating to find which is great here. So that you can find what really Microsoft is up to.

    It is found that the UI and feature of Windows 10 is very much near to Windows 7. This can be good thing here. Because we are quiet use to Windows 7 and this is the most stable and still most widely used operating system. And Microsoft might have taken the step because of poor response on Windows 8.

    So let’s check out the things that can make Windows 8 and Windows 10 different.

    The Start menu:

    Bringing back the start menu is quiet a surprising thing here. It allows you to have option through which you can access various apps and files instantly. The search bar in the start menu is also advance. This time a new Start Menu is added wit Metro UI theme. So that if you are still using that on a tablet or a net book which has a touch screen it can be simple to use. The entire menu is customizable. You can add your apps on the same. Live Tiles is added to keep things common between Windows 8 and Windows 10. This Start Menu also offers you real time notification on the start menu.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Comparison

    Metro UI:

    This time Microsoft is making some reduction on the UI. It is going to reduce a few display and large tiles so that you can use it easily and do not get confused with using it. Here you can simply arrange items as per your need on the home screen. You can also modify the background. Windows 10 brings out two models to use. One is PC and other one is tablet. You get these two modes through mouse and keyboard and enjoy dual screens.

    Apps UI:

    You can know get all he apps inside a window and you can overlap them on one another. This is applicable to various apps and games. This was quiet not available before. A few apps that you download from Windows store appear on full screen and you cannot get the other one. This time you can just simple overlap the app over earth other. And you can also resize the app and move it from one place to another. You can also adjust the size and make changes as per your need. Quiet nice features.

    Snap Support:

    You can now have app placed on that single screen and properly arrange. This is called as snap support. You can snap 4 apps on the home screen and you get all them on the main screen. You can find out which app is running on the background and fill your screen with that. It is quite simple to do and is also the most amazing features.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Comparison


    Task Manager is bit tweaked and you get a more advance view on the same. This allows you to switch between different apps. The Task Manager provides you open to open file and even quiet access apps between different desktop. And this can be done from all desktop. You can also use Alt + Tab for switching between windows. On a high end pc the output will be a lot better.

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    Apr 2015

    Re: Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Comparison

    Many new feature are available in windows 10.

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