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Thread: Is it really possible to clean a pc once infected with malware

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    Junior Member
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    Apr 2013

    Is it really possible to clean a pc once infected with malware

    My laptop has a lot of virus issue. The reason is that I do not use an antivirus. Anyhow I installed MSE in the system and it keeps on showing me virus warning. I found a service online that promise to clean the pc without formatting it.

    They assure that there will be no virus in the system and they are charging $40 for one time. I want to know that does this is possible. As far as I know if you are have virus you have to format the pc. And then you have to install all things back again from scratch which will work.

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    Re: Is it really possible to clean a pc once infected with malware

    You are right about that. You have to format your pc. Why you are paying $40 for that cleaning service.

    Just backup your data first on your pc and then restore the same. Then you can do one thing you can buy a good internet security pack and install that. It will keep your system protected from the virus.

    I cannot find any point is spending $40 on that cleaning service. It is not at all worth according to me. Just go for complete formatting and install a good antivirus.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Is it really possible to clean a pc once infected with malware

    The above suggestion is quiet right. It is not really good if you can spend the amount on one time cleaning. Anyhow if you use internet or install program the virus is going to install in your system. And if you are having a good antivirus then you can protect your system with the same.

    There are many good online security tools that will help you in dealing with the issue. And always keep your firewall on which will help you lot in dealing with such problem.

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    Jan 2015

    Re: Is it really possible to clean a pc once infected with malware

    if a pc is infected by maleware there is a possibility to fix All the problems they cause by doing system restore to a date before all the troubles begun.
    however, there are some malewares that will prevent you from accessing the system restore - closing it as soon as you lunch it in a fraction of a second.

    in this case you need to use bootable repair disc, like Hirens Boot Cd or ERD for winxp, or other great reparing tools, and try to lunch system restore after you boot from them to an external system.
    sometimes, even this solution wont work but in most it did work for me.

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