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Thread: Intel Core i5 heats up to 80 degree on using 3D modelling software

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    May 2014

    Intel Core i5 heats up to 80 degree on using 3D modelling software

    My system is facing heating issue. I unable to figure out why but the issue is just getting worst. I have a desktop pc which I use for 3D modeling purpose.

    I use AutoCAD, Maya type of tool. I have to process the model to a video file later on for which I use a few good video editing tool also. I export the project to video convertor and make a high definition video of the same. But I am noticing a sudden rise in temperature after that.

    I had monitored the temperature through cpu temp that remains stuck at 80degree.

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    Re: Intel Core i5 heats up to 80 degree on using 3D modelling software

    You have to open your system case to locate the problem. I think your cpu fan is stopped working due to which it is getting so hot. It can be also due to the cpu thermal paste which is dried up. You have to replace that.

    You can find a cheap paste in the market. Just open up the same properly, pull out the fan and apply thermal paste on it and done. The cpu will work a lot more cooler than before. Do not use your processor in this way or it will get damage permanently.

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    Oct 2012

    Re: Intel Core i5 heats up to 80 degree on using 3D modelling software

    It is always good to upgrade your cpu fan if you fell into condition like this. You must get a good fan that is cheap and has more extra cooling options. I think if you are ready to spend around Rs.1500 you can get a very good fan from the market. Change it. Most of the fan come with thermal paste applied at the bottom. You just have to fix that and done. The temperature will be reduced and your application performance will also get improved. Don't just keep on using your pc like that. There can be serious hardware issue.

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