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Thread: Changes in TimeMachine backup on different MAC OS version

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    Changes in TimeMachine backup on different MAC OS version

    I am trying to track the changes that has done in TimeMachine on different Mac version. Like there are there are three new OS that I know well. They are OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks. The last one is the latest one.

    I am getting a few old Mac at a reasonable price. I want to buy this for my office usage where backup is the most primary concern. If I go for old thing then what all features I am going to miss. There is nothing on the web that can tell us what changes have been done in TimeMachine based on each Mac version.

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    Re: Changes in TimeMachine backup on different MAC OS version

    I can put some light on the Mac OS X Lion edition. Because I am using the same. If you are going for a Mac pc which is older and has an OS older than OS X Lion then the following things will be not available.

    The first you get is you can encrypt all the backups in Time Machine. Through which your backup remains more secure. You also get option to start OS X Recovery through Time Machine backup disk. This would help you to run a full Mac restore when it is not working fine.

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    Re: Changes in TimeMachine backup on different MAC OS version

    TimeMachine is very helpful in maintain file backup. If you one OS X Mountain Lion then you get the above encryption solution in that. But you get an option to choose multiple backup destinations. At a same time you can store a single backup to different places. This is more helpful. In OS X Lion Mac backup will keep on working even when the system is in Power Nap. And if you are having OS X Mavericks then you get notification related to your backup. While all other features are exactly the same.

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