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Thread: Sony PS4 Review Next Generation PlayStation Console

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    Sony PS4 Review Next Generation PlayStation Console


    PlayStation was launched years back for the gamers and even Sony didn’t know that its Play station concept will prove to achieve tremendous triumph. From that point of time Sony was dedicated to improve gaming experience more real and resulted in having different version of PlayStation with slight and heavy improvement in it. Play Station 4 is the recent launch by Sony and from the time of launch it is ruling the world, Xbox is the main competitor of Sony PS4 but PS4 has left Xbox far behind in terms of specifications and performance.

    If we compare Xbox One to PS4 then one can make a remark that PS4 is stuffed with some good improvement design and good system memory and graphic strength which we are going to explore in detail in later section. Such powerful specification has won heart of many gamers and for this reason itself, PS4 deserve to be called up as next-gen console. Major success of PS4 is due to the some weird policies created for Xbox by Microsoft which led the gamers to switch from Xbox to PS4.

    One doesn’t even need to experience both the gaming console to find out the difference between the consoles because they have obvious designed USP. PS4 has parallelogram form of design which is a key factor while we compare PS4 to Xbox which has primitive VCR like shape. PS4 is half of the weight and design compare to Xbox and PS4 can be extracted quickly from packaging and in couple of minutes it gets boot up which is very quick compare to Xbox. So we are going to make full detail review about PS4 and put a check on its design, setup and specification.


    PlayStation 4 has good parallelogram shaped slim, sleek and jet black body structure. Its sleek body design helps to make it portable and easy to relocate. Sony has uniqueness in its design factor so that anyone can identify they are looking to Sony’s device. Measurements of PS4 are 275 x 53 x 305 mm which is marginally compact compare to Microsoft’s Xbox but both have half plane and half black body texture.

    It has good console controller design too with matte-finish and feels very good to hold it in hand. Controller of the PS4 has made little improvement by providing DualShock4 pad but this step up is not ideal. Coming to the build engineering of Sony’s PS4, it is crafted perfectly with many improvements like this time you won’t see any external brick of power supply because this time it is placed inside the system. While we look on to Xbox 360, power supply is placed outside which can create mess behind your TV. Another improvement we see in the design of PS4 is its inclined lop-sided design compare to its predecessor. Plastic stand is available in the market to adjust your system on to it and experience your PS4.

    Front of the system is placed with slot of Blu-ray disc drive and USB 3.0 ports on its right which allows your console to charge even when system is off. This was the design specification of Play station 4 which has lots of improvement and advancement.

    DualShock 4 controller:

    To have rich experience with the game you need to have comfortable and effective controller and Sony has made good innovation in this section. Sony has come up with its new DualShock4 controller which is created on users demand and feedback. From many years controller was not much improved but this time next-gen level gaming will experience new controller too. DualShock4 is built on sequence of tweaks, rather than a revamp of previous controller and is compatible with PS3. Speaker introduced in the controller can be used for additional game sounds.

    Based on the user’s feedback, Sony has improved space between two analog sticks to avoid smacking of your thumbs together. Top of the sticks are now curved to have extra grip making them to manipulate easily. Top of the sticks are now given extra grippe rubber texture which give comfortable operation of the sticks. If you are fond of shooting game then this innovation will be an advantage for you. Controller turns fatigue to use over long gaming sessions because of symmetrical stick layout.

    DualShock4 has L2 and R2 shoulder buttons which function as triggers is now been extended and is lot easier and comfortable to grip. Another improvement can be seen in Start and Select buttons which is now shifted with Share and Options. DualShock4 has touchpad which works as a mouse is very smooth to operate just like laptops mouse pad. Controller also has little speaker and 3.5mm audio jack to insert any headphones.

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    Re: Sony PS4 Review Next Generation PlayStation Console


    Coming to the configuration part of the PS4 which is featuring with eight-core x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" CPU with a 1.84 teraflop GPU based on AMD's Radeon tech on custom single-chip processor. Configuration is backed by 8GB of mega-fast GDDR5 RAM and 500GB mechanical hard drive. HDD is replaceable if you wish to upgrade the storage of your PS4. One can realize that PS4 is much faster than its predecessor and that’s the reason it is been called as next-gen gaming device.

    Two USB ports for charging of console and other connection on front and in rear you have HDMI Ethernet and PlayStation camera. PS4 can use camera to identify you face, only you have to do is to hold up your console and it will figure out who’s the player one and player two and so forth. It is very futuristic approach by PS4 but it doesn’t help you to have quick sign up process. You can experience games and movies on your PS4 and also you can connect with your friends via PlayStation Network, Twitter and Facebook to share achievement in games.


    PS4 is very easy to setup compare to PS3 and if you had PS3 then you can make use of its cable to setup PS4. As already discussed that PS4 is very easy to extract from its container and have quick setup. After your PS4 has boot up it will ask you for internet connection to run 300mb day-one patch but it will not ask to download when you play offline.

    You can navigate to home screen without connecting to web and patching which his must required in Xbox one to navigate to home screen. After you connect to internet it will ask for PS4 update and after the update is complete you are enabled to make purchase from store or to play online as multiplayer. You can also streamline for unlimited music and videos with the help of iTunes and Amazon instant. So now listen and share your favorite movies and track on social networking sites.

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    Re: Sony PS4 Review Next Generation PlayStation Console


    PS4 is very much advanced and futuristic in terms of hardware specification which allows you to have rich experience of gaming but its not great if compared to PC games. Booting of the device is fast and loading time of the multiplayer sessions was quick. Easy to extract and plug was another impressive factor. Eight core processor and 8GB RAM helps the interface of the PS4 to work smooth and lightning fast. DualShock 4 is been kept very decent and allows to enjoy the game comfortably.

    Design crafted or PS4 is very interesting and looks decent compare to its rivals. Games available for PS4 are very less which is major drawback because you are shelling out so much money and resulting in limited games. DLNA sharing is absent which is step-back feature of PS4. Sometimes sharing on social networking disappoints. Overall PS4 is mastered very perfectly and worth for the price it is tagged.

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