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Thread: Tips and Tricks to Safely CPU Overclocking to Maximum Limit

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    Aug 2013

    Tips and Tricks to Safely CPU Overclocking to Maximum Limit

    I have a very recent Intel K processor on my Gaming rig. As you know these processors supports overclocking, i want to do the same to increase its speed so that i can get better performance in my games. But, i have never did it before. So, is anyone here who can tell me the safest and successful way to overclock my CPU?

    Thanks for all the helps.

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    Jul 2014

    Re: Tips and Tricks to Safely CPU Overclocking to Maximum Limit

    Overclocking means to increase your Intel/Amd Processors clock speed upto some extent to get the performance you are looking for. Many computer components can be overclocked like processor, RAM, graphic cards etc. Overclocking is not that tough part to do but there's always a risk of overheating of your processors. Overclocking is done to save an extra hardware to your computer, means to get the performance with your current cpu unit and not buying a new one to get the performance. You can buy some heatsink which will keep your cpu temperature low. Some heat sink are air coolers, water cooler, nitro cooler etc.

    So lets have a look at how can you start overclocking your processor. Many hardwares are specifically built for overclocking. Intel "K" processors are built for overclocking and Amd's FX processor are too build for overclocking. Some motherboard manufacturers offer a specific overclocable motherboard which you can buy. Overclocking can damage your computer hardware and it can whole windows if it will be unable to handle the load. So if you want to overclock get ready with a backup incase any thing goes wrong.

    • Firstly you can start by downloading some important cpu testing softwares, which will tell you the cpu temp and clockspeed and even it will show you some error. Download CPU-Z or Prime95, both are great tools for getting your cpus information.Prime95 is recommended as this software is mostly used by overclockers and is also a great stressing tool for cpu stressing test.

    • Start a stressing test with Prime95 and test the cpu for about 30-40 mins to see if it gives any error. Most important use a good cpu heatsink before starting the test. Even between stress test process check ur cpu and ram if its getting hotter due to stress test.

    • Whenever you increase the clockspeed of your, always remember to increase it bit by bit and not all together because it can crash your windows pc. Check the voltage of cpu then run the test and check if its giving any error. Increase the clockspeed again and check with stress tool. Dont forget to check cpu temperature between tests.

    • You can even use some tools that your motherboard came with like some Overclocking tools. OC tuning softwares are available to download which you can get to overclock your pc for staying on a safer side.

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    Re: Tips and Tricks to Safely CPU Overclocking to Maximum Limit

    There is also a video showing the best way of overclocking. It has helped me a lot. So, i think you should also watch the same if you want to overclock your CPU safely. Have a look:

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    Aug 2013

    Re: Tips and Tricks to Safely CPU Overclocking to Maximum Limit

    Thank you very much for such a great tips buddy. Really helpful and appreciated.

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    Re: Tips and Tricks to Safely CPU Overclocking to Maximum Limit

    This sounds informative...

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