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Thread: What is Samsung SideSync and how to use it

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    Oct 2012

    What is Samsung SideSync and how to use it

    Samsung SideSync is an amazing app that can help you to share your phone screen on your pc. You can not only share but you can also control your Android Device. It works only for Samsung model. It happens a number of time you want to use your keyboard or mouse on your tablet or mobile phone. But you cannot do that. Through Samsung SideSync you can do that instantly. The process to setup is very easy. It helps you to sync your pc with your Samsung mobile and tablet as well.

    All you have to do is install SideSync Android client on your phone and desktop software on your pc to use it. You can share your keyboard and mouse with it. And you can see your phone screen on your pc. And use different applications easily.

    So lest move ahead in using the Samsung SideSync app. The app also brings our few additional features. Like it has auto backup. The app will backup the files of phone automatically once it is connected to the pc through usb cable. You have to go in the settings. This is on pc. And then add a tick on automatically run backup. You will need kies for the same. Just install that also. And through the app you can also send files from your pc to phone. All you have to do is drag the file from desktop and leave it on the phone screen. That's it. The file will be transferred in the phone. Do this after staring My File App.

    You can see SideSync features in this video:

    Now lets find out how to install SideSync and use all its features.

    Samsung SideSync Installation:

    To begin you have to start with installation. You have to install a software in your pc which you can download from the official site. This is a Samsung SideSync program which will help you to connect the phone with pc. Once you are done with that you have to download top apps which is SideSync and Phone Screen Sharing from Google Play or from Samsung Apps store. Just install the same on your mobile phone. Check for new updates.

    Using Samsung SideSync:

    • To use first you have to launch the app. Like we will being with SideSync. Then the same process can be used for Phone Screen Sharing also.
    • Here click on Send to device button. A window will appear from where you can find the detail about your Smartphone. You have to register your device so that sync can be faster.
    • Now from your phone launch the SideSync app. Once done connect your phone to your pc through original usb cable. Remember that you can use SideSync or Phone Screen Sharing only one at a time. You will also have to turn on USB Debugging from settings > developer options.
    • To connect choose Ap connection. You can find that in the network settings. This will help you to connect the phone with pc.
    • If the connection is established well just click on start button. It at the bottom part. A screen will appear on your pc screen.
    • For device Note 3 and newer
    • If you are having Note 3 and newer devices then things are more easy here. Most of the time SideSync App will automatically locate the connected phone. You don't have to go with any manual settings.
    • All you have to do is install SideSync in your pc first and launch it.
    • Then connect the phone with original usb cable and wait back until any driver update popup appear on screen. You can also use connectivity through wifi. But this only works on new models not on old one.
    • If you are going to use the wifi one then you have to use the ap settings. OR else the usb method is straight forward.
    • Once done you have to choose the keyboard mouse sharing feature from the application on your pc and done. You can now control your phone easily.

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    Oct 2012

    Re: What is Samsung SideSync and how to use it

    How to use Phone Screen Sharing App:

    • From the mobile phone first you have to tap on Phone Screen Sharing icon. Just launch the app and then tap on start button.
    • Turn on usb debugging to provide smooth connectivity. Without that the connection will not work proper. And then configure the connectivity through ap settings. Wifi connectivity is not going to work.
    • For newer devices you just have to start SideSync App on the Smartphone. And on the pc monitor you can see the Smartphone screen easily. You have to tap on Phone Screen Sharing button to use it.

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