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Thread: IE 11 takes Proxy settings after every reboot

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    Apr 2014

    IE 11 takes Proxy settings after every reboot

    I am not able to use Internet Explorer properly on a new Windows 8.1 system. I do not understand why it automatically takes the proxy settings. I am using a broadband internet connection. The lan settings are fine but still they keep on changing in IE.

    It is not accepting the right settings. I checked under connections in Internet Explorer and found the same is set to Automatically Detect Settings. So it must take the lan settings and this will also improve the speed. But this browser just go and stuck on proxy whenever I restart the pc.

    Any help please ?

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    Re: IE 11 takes Proxy settings after every reboot

    This looks like some kind of registry setting enabled. That is causing the issue. You have to do a bit manual changes in the registry. This will surely resolve the issue.

    • For that type regedit in Start and click on the first thing you see in menu. Now for safety purpose just backup the registry file. You can do that from File export.
    • Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Internet Settings.
    • Here find MigrateProxy and set the dword value to 00000001.
    • Set the same for ProxyEnable. For ProxyHttp1.1 set the dword to 00000000.
    • And last for ProxyServer add http://server: port in the value.

    Restart and check.

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    Re: IE 11 takes Proxy settings after every reboot

    Looks like Internet Explorer is not able to save the settings. Due to which you are getting that problem. There can be some kind of add-on in the browser which is causing the issue. You have to remove that. Internet Explorer does not change the lan settings on its own.

    It gets modified if any third party program in interfering. And by turning that off the process will stop. For that go in the add-on section which you can find under Tools and disable everything. Restart the browser and see the settings.

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