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Thread: Can we manage Bandwidth on Android Chrome Browser

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    Junior Member
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    Aug 2012

    Can we manage Bandwidth on Android Chrome Browser

    Is there a way through which I can manage bandwidth from Google Chrome. I am facing some bandwidth issue on my mobile phone. It is eating up too much data. I am using a limited 3G pack of 2GB and this end up really fast.

    I want to control the same but I am unable to get a proper solution for the same. I had tried locating some add-ons but they are not helping much. I want some effective way to reduce the phone data usage. I had seen Kitkat phone has this features. Please help.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Can we manage Bandwidth on Android Chrome Browser

    Inside chrome itself you can manage the same. It is not so tough.

    • Launch Google Chrome and then tap on the menu button.
    • Then go in the settings part.
    • There you can find a Advance section. Tap on the same.
    • And then you can see a dedicated option as bandwidth management. Tap on the same.
    • Now tap on preload WebPages. And set the filter to wifi.

    This will help you to keep a cache of your pages in the phone which consume less bandwidth.

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    Re: Can we manage Bandwidth on Android Chrome Browser

    You are correct somewhat, master, but the steps have been changed a bit with the latest version of Android Chrome. Now you just need to get into settings and you will find the Bandwidth option. Have a look at this screenshots:

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Can we manage Bandwidth on Android Chrome Browser

    The above tip is only good if you want to reduce the data usage. Here you need something that can limit the data usage. So that once the limit is over your phone will stop using the data. And it saves money also. You are not charged extra for the same.

    To set the limit go in setting and tap on mobile data. Turn the same on and set the limit to 1 or 2GB. Whatever is your package. Once the limit is over you will get a warning message on your screen.

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