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Thread: Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

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    Feb 2012

    Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

    I started playing WWF because English is my best subject, and I thought this game would be really easy for me. It is not though. I seem to be ok at making words, though my average word is only 4 letters. For me my weakness appears to be I can never "spot" the best places to put my word, hence why I have trouble using long words in my game. I try to use the TL and TW spaces as much as I can but my opponent hardly gives me a chance at getting them or I just can’t find a way to make my words fit on those spaces. My best score was around 270, pretty low score.

    It's so easy for my opponents to know where to put their words, and when to use a long word, or when not to. I don’t get it, I just don’t? You think I would learn but I don’t. I keep losing against the same opponents and I have been playing for over 2 months! What began as fun game now makes me feel like I’m a big idiot! I know there are cheats but cheats would just tell you where to put the highest scoring word, my opponents don’t always use high scoring words, and they place their words perfectly to avoid me getting near good tiles.

    I know they are not cheating. I tried the cheat program myself and you would get close to 500 in a game using it, which my opponents don’t come close to. Perhaps someone who is good at the game can challenge me, and then once the game is over can tell me what mistakes I am making.

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    Re: Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

    Here's some tips on how to improve your play!
    - Play a variety of people
    - Use your highest point letters on any colored space
    - Learn all the small words (Qi, Za, Ka, Xi, Gox, Zax and so on)
    - Stacking tiles (playing words on top of other words) will maximize points also
    - Don't give up!

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    Feb 2012

    Re: Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

    That pretty much sums it up. I have most of the 2 letter words memorized and then I find out that WWF allows a few others, too. I've also made up a list of weird Q, X, Z, J & K words that other people play, so I can now use them. And you aren't. You just have to look a bit closer when playing. I've seen so many people play their big point letters getting nothing extra when there was an easy place to play it getting a bonus score. I like to save my S's, since they can come in handy when you're in trouble.

    I also look for my 7 letter words using common letters like ING ER RE ED DE, etc. And perhaps you need to find a more fun person to play with. I have a few people who I always play defensively against and those games can be struggles. Sometimes it's fun just to play words, but when you do, they just pounce all over it. I also play against other people and just don't worry about it.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

    It's not really a matter of vocabulary, it's a matter of being able to "see" the words. My vocabulary far surpasses my son's, but he has that ability to "see" and he beats the socks off me every game. Practice will help, but it is an inborn talent. I have fun playing even though I know most of my opponents, whose vocabularies are not as developed as mine, will always beat me.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

    A few tips
    *One thing to realize is that Words With Friends is as much a math game as it is a word game. The highest scoring words come from multipliers combined with multipliers. For example, if you played FREAK, with your K on the triple letter square and you also manage to hit a triple word square, you would get a massive amount of points. K is worth 5 points, which becomes 15 on the triple letter. Then 15 + 4 (F) + 1 (R) + 1 (E) + 1 (A) = 22, which is multiplied by 3 for the triple word, giving you 66 points. This example seems unrealistic, but it is not. I don't remember the last time I had a game without scoring a word that was at least 60 points, and often I score such words multiple times in games just from exploiting multipliers.

    *I know you said you have the two letter words down, but check an official list just in case because of them are pretty surprising. (HM, MM, SH, AA, AE, AI, OE, OI, for example)

    *Duplicate letters severely limit what you are able to play. Try to play off the duplicates of the letters in your rack.

    *Try to maintain a healthy 4 consonant/3 vowel ratio as often as you can. This is known as rack management, that is, not letting your consonant/vowel ratio fall out of balance. If it does fall out of balance, it can be very difficult to play words. For example, if your letters were RAETBNS, try to avoid playing a word with your E and A together unless it's a very, very good one, because you run a serious risk of drawing all consonants and being stuck. Instead of playing BEAN, play BRAN!

    *Never waste blank tiles or S's. They are the best tiles in the game. (Blanks are the best for using all of your tiles in one play and getting a 35 point bonus, and S's are great for tacking on to the end of a word and playing another word perpendicular to the first word. Drawing either of these tiles is a gift, and they are not to be wasted on measly 15 point words.

    By the way, I can give you some advice on your playing if you'd like if you want to challenge me to a game. I consider myself a pretty good player (average score 400+ points). Let me know if you're interested through a private message.

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    Re: Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

    I've pretty much tried most of those strategies. The 2 letter words I got down, one time I played QI on a TW space and that helped, but my opponent next turn surpassed me, as if she holds back each game and can easily beat me but was just being nice making me think I can win.

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    Re: Need Help with Zynga Word with Friend on my Android

    Get rid of the Q as quickly as you can. Q, while being tied with J for having the highest value, is statistically the WORST letter in Words with Friends and Scrabble. A Scrabble professional who draws the Q, on average, receives a score 5-6 points less than he or she otherwise would have without the Q. The average WWF player loses even more points, because they make the mistake of holding on to the Q longer than he or she should. I know the natural inclination is to hold on to the Q until the time is right and you can play a 40 point word, but until that happens, you are damaging the versatility of your rack with a nearly unplayable letter. QI was added to the dictionary not because it's a word that everyone was clamoring to get added, but because too many Scrabble professionals complained about getting stuck with the Q at the end of the game and not getting an opportunity to play it off. When you have no great move on the board, use that turn to play off that Q. The Q is a liability, not a gift.

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