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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Review

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    Apr 2012

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Review


    Samsung, one of the best and reputed mobile phone makers is always in hot pick news because of their variation in the technology. When all the phone company is busy to straddle hard to retain the market on the other hand Samsung comes with different devices on regular basis. World has yet not digested all new Samsung Galaxy S5’s feature and performance and Samsung is all set to boom the market with its tablet section. Samsung is very busy and innovative mobile manufacturing company which continuously works on innovation and new products.

    Samsung has launched many tablet versions but new Samsung Tablet will be the mid-range segment tablet which will suit all the business class people. Samsung Tab 4 10.1, as the name suggest it is 10.1 inch display tablet providing more area to work, surf and play. Powerful hardware will take care of your computing in fast and efficient manner. Tablet of the Samsung will come with two variant one is WIFI and other will support 3G networks. So let’s check what Samsung has promised in his new flagship and whether this tablet will prove to be the best for business people.

    Before we begin, let's have a quick look at some highlights of the tablet:

    • Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System
    • 10.1 inch WXGA Touch Screen display
    • 1280 x 800 pixel resolution
    • 1.2 GHz quad-core Processor
    • 1.5GB of RAM
    • 3 Megapixel Fixed Focus rear camera
    • 1.3 Megapixel front-facing camera
    • 16GB internal storage, expandable upto 64GB using microSD card
    • 4G LTE/3G HSPA+, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, GPS, GLONASS
    • 6,800mAh battery

    Design and Packaging:

    Samsung shows no creativity in the design part of its new device, you will encounter that every device of Samsung has almost same design pattern. Samsung’s new tablet also resembles with its previous flagship but has minor design difference. Body of the phone is sturdy plastic but the feel of the phone is very tough on handling. Back of the phone is covered with faux leather texture plastic which is only visible difference in new tablet from Samsung. Silver aluminum lining around the body is often found in all devices from Samsung but in this new tablet aluminum lining is very thin because major of the sides are covered by back panel itself.

    Front of the tablet looks decent with huge screen in the middle and below followed by capacitive touch buttons and one home button which is common for all Samsung devices. Above the screen you can see front camera for video conferencing and sensors which helps device adjust brightness according to environment. Back of the tablet has 3MP camera with no flash and at the centre of the back you will see Samsung logo. Upper sides of the tablet lays with IR (infrared) and followed by volume rocker buttons and power buttons.

    Down side of the tablet just has microUSB connector. Design part of the tablet is well proposed with the intention of making perfect computing device, as the device is bigger in size we cannot say it is portable but compare to heavy laptops it is very handy and portable to use. Slim body of this tablet is really appreciable making this phone much lighter than other tablets in the market. Design part is not so amazing compare to other competitors tablet but with the price tagged to this device makes this tablet perfect in design than others.

    Display / Screen:

    Samsung Tab 4 10.1 has stunning display which is created perfectly for working conditions and also for playing and browsing conditions. Samsung has taken care of display so well that it does not strain your eyes even if you are with your device for long hours. You can manually decrease the brightness of the light or the sensors present in the front of the tablet adapt the display according to the light of environment. Samsung Tab 4 10.1 has capacitive touch screen with the resolution of 1200x800 pixels with 149ppi density.

    Display outputs vibrant colors and good color reproduction which allows clear reading and enjoy work comfortably. You can have good resolution display in the market compare to this tablet but that tablet will cost you much more than Samsung’s new flagship. With respect to the price we can say this device is created perfectly in the terms of display.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Review

    Operating System and UI:

    Samsung Tab 4 10.1 is running on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS making this phone to be on the top of other tablets which is still running on old OS. New OS is very light and very smooth and executes all your operations quickly. Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is present in this tablet which means you will have all basic Samsung features like multi-window features, floating video player, smart stay and pause options are also present in this device. Infrared is also present so that you can make use of your device to operate TV, AC and Music systems.

    Hardware and Performance:

    Samsung was the one who started revolution in the mobile industry of super powerful processors which was once only available in laptops and PC. Samsung was the one who started making powerful device and so we can trust that Samsung will definitely have installed serious hardware specifications in its new flagship. Samsung has made use of Snapdragon chipset for its new flagship, chipset is installed with 1.2 GHz Quad-core processors and 1.5 GB RAM with Adreno 305 GPU and altogether make the performance of the phone just perfect.

    If you are working with multiple browser or multiple apps then efficiently get done all your work without wasting time. Huge RAM memory helps in multi-tasking between different apps and browser. GPU of the device helps you to take full benefit of graphics related operations on your device. HD gaming and HD movies is now no big reason to process in your tablet, enjoy smooth gaming without lags and glitch.

    Samsung Tab 4 10.1 has good internal memory of 16GB and further this memory can be expanded with the help of microSD card. Tab 4 10.1 comes in two variants one supports on WIFI and other supports both WIFI and cellular. New tablet does not have HDMI support which was present in previous flagship of Samsung.

    Camera Quality:

    Camera given in the device is just 3MP and is common in all mid-range segment devices. 3MP camera clicks good images but absence of flash leads this phone to be a failure in low light conditions. Camera has some settings so that you can capture good images but still 3MP is not enough to have super images. Video can be shot at 720p which is good feature included in this device but again 3MP camera is not enough for any device for this generation. Front camera is present on the front of the phone resulting in the efficient video conferencing making this phone perfect for business class people and for the students.

    Battery Life:

    Battery of this device is very powerful as it is stuffed with 6800 mAh strength. With so much of power supply you can be with your device for whole day with heavy usage on your device. Work more, play more and watch more with your new Samsung device as 6800 mAh battery is there to backup your tablet whole day.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Review


    Samsung tablet 4 10.1 is good tablet device which will serve best for all the segment of users whether they are business class people, students or other users. Design and looks of the device is simple but has good display features and powerful hardware so that you can wait to show off this device with your friends or colleagues. Camera is average in this device but does all the job which is required in the tablet, good video recording and video conferencing is must feature on every tablet and so is present in this device.

    Apart from that, Tablet should have good battery backup and so Samsung has done pretty job by providing super muscular battery of 6800 mAh in this device. Overall we can say this device is just perfect device for all segments and will definitely seek attention of all the users of the globe.
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