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Thread: Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Review

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    Apr 2012

    Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Review


    Nokia has done trying with most of the strategies such as phone with superb display, phone with high resolution camera and also phone with superior design but altogether, Nokia is not able to stabilize in the market. Only problem with the Nokia is its OS, Windows is not much impressive in smartphones and tablets but for desktops and laptops it is the best OS in the world. Likewise Android is best for tablet and smartphone section, so they have not put their hands in desktop and laptops. Nokia Lumia series are only series left with Windows operating phones rest all other companies has switched to different OS. Windows is trying best to come up with all the features which are essential in computing but the developers of the Windows are slow than other OS which results in decline of Windows operated phones.

    People who love Windows will definitely love Nokia’s new flagship named Lumia 630. It is a budget smartphone pooled with all possible features which were previously absent in Nokia phones. Step by Step will discus each and every pros and cons of this phone so that we can make out conclusion whether this phone will be boom in the market or again will be an average phone. Let's find out the same.

    Design and Packaging:

    Nokia is always known for its sturdy design in the smartphone and same is carried in its new flagship. Nokia 630 is next installment in Nokia 600 series and this time they come up with more power and more reliability. Design resembles to Nokia Lumia 620 but still there are small differences which we are going to explore, first thing which every one will notice is the screen size of the phone which is raised from 3.7inch to 4.5 inch compare to Nokia 620. Another visible change is that Nokia 630 is lacking with capacitive buttons and is now included in the screen itself, left with lots of space below the screen which is useless.

    Above the screen lies with earpiece, sensors but lacks with front camera and ambient sensor which is necessary features. Ambient light sensor is used to adjust screen according to the light conditions but in Nokia 630 manually you will need to adjust screen. Back of the phone is good finished body with camera on the centre top, flash is not provided in Lumia 630.

    Below camera lies a logo of Nokia and below that on the right sides lays the speakers. Now coming to sides of the phone, on the right side of the phone you will see power and volume rocker buttons with no dedicated camera key. Left side of the phone is smooth and has nothing on it, down side of the phone has microUSB point for charging and upper sides has 3.5mm audio jack for audio enhancement. Design of the phone is similar to Nokia 620 but come little on lower side when we talk about Nokia 630.

    Display / Screen:

    Nokia Lumia series has one most common display feature of clear black display which makes the look of the phone similar throughout; you won’t be able to make out where the display starts and ends. Nokia 630 is given with 4.5 inch of display which is good but the resolution of the phone is not much impressive. Resolution of 854x480 pixels and 217 ppi makes this phone to have average display features. Sun-legibility and viewing angle is average, you might find experience an issue with the usage of phone under sun.

    Due to the absence of Ambient light sensors you will have to adjust screen according to the light which can be irritating at times. Now most of the phones are launched with 720p display but Nokia is still at the Stone Age, providing just 480p screen to its flagship. It is said to be an advanced phone in Lumia 600 series but if compared to Nokia 620 it has disappointing display features. Display is the major attraction of the people but seems Nokia has failed to deliver the basic need of the people in its new flagship.
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Review

    Hardware and Performance:

    Talking about the hardware of the new Lumia 630, Nokia has done great job on hardware specifications. Nokia Lumia 630 is running on Snapdragon 400 chipset which is impressive and this chipset is enclosed with Quad-core processors which is really amazing. Nokia’s budget phone just had dual-core processors in it but now Nokia too has powered its smartphones with four core processors. Along with Quad-core processor it has 512 MB RAM and 305 Adreno GPU making this phone perfect but technically speaking configuration of the hardware is not up to the mark.

    Phone which has Quad-core processors will have just 512MB RAM for the operation which is not good. Atleast Nokia should have provided 1GB RAM for smooth operations but now will have to adjust with limited RAM memory. Multi-processing and multi-tasking will be done efficiently on this phone but it’s not impressive unlike other smartphones in the market.

    This is the first phone launched with official Windows 8.1 and another feature of the phone is dual-SIM option which was never found in Nokia Lumia series. It has good internal memory of 4GB and you can expand your memory up to 64GB with the help of memory card. You can install as many apps you wish for because now you can move all your apps from internal memory to SD card. Overall the performance of the phone is good but hardware specification of the phone is little dicey.


    Nokia 630 is given out with 5MP camera which is good as compare to the price of the phone but absence of the flash is really disappointing. You can have good outdoor click with good balance of light and colors but problem arises when picture is clicked in dark or low light area.

    It has many features of camera like other Lumia series phones. If you want to capture video then you can shoot video at 720p resolution which is similar to its predecessor. Front camera is also missing so you won’t be able to make video calls and video chat with your new Lumia 630.


    It is the first phone released by Nokia or any other brand which is running on Windows 8.1. Before the release of Lumia 630 all other Nokia phones were running on Windows 8 OS but from now we can experience all new OS of Windows. Windows 8.1 is said to be much lighter and smooth compared to Windows 8 and UI of the phone is really smooth and efficient.

    You will experience number of enrichment in the OS like Audio centre, Word Flow keyboard, New camera and Gallery UI, Start screen wallpapers, Highly personal digital voice assistant, File manager, WiFi sense, Storage sense and Battery saver and many more included in the new Windows 8.1 OS.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Review


    Phone is said to be the best if it has good battery power in it. All the hardware depends upon the power supply and if the power supply is efficient and long lasting then that phone is mostly preferred by the people. Nokia has provided 1850 mAh battery strength for its new flagship which is not much impressive as compare to other phones in the market; you will find that budget phones too have battery more than 2200 mAh.

    Nokia 630 will perform best for average users as it has average battery life but if the user are heavy browser or gamer then this phone will let them down. Overall we can say battery is just average and performs good in normal usage.


    Amazing design and build quality of the phone makes this phone good to handle and provides decent looks. Screen of the phone is bigger but falls back when it comes at resolutions and pixel density of the display. Refresh rate of the screen is little slow and lags in scroll too. Camera provided is perfect for budget phone but absence of the flash is matter of concern.

    Hardware configuration also falls in average rating because of limited RAM memory which will be concerned for gamers. Battery life of the phone is good but again falls in average rating because people all over globe wants better performing battery. All we can say is Nokia was not able to manage the configurations of the phone compare to the price tagged to it.
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