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Thread: How useful are Octa-Core Processors

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    Apr 2014

    How useful are Octa-Core Processors

    Many new high end phones now a day are powered by Octa-Core processor. I want to know how it really benefit to a mobile phone?

    As far as I know a Octa Core cpu is good for processing power. But mobile applications are not so intense. They are also run well on a Quad core pc. One common issue I had faced on many Smartphone which have Octa Core cpu is that they have low battery output. When you use the same, they draw out more battery than other.

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    Mar 2012

    Re: How useful are Octa-Core Processors

    Today we can commonly see three type of mobile processor. One is dual core which is common in entry level and mid range phone and second is quad core. This mostly come in high end series and the last is Octa core. Octa Core phone are very costly and it is right that they bring out more power in your device.

    But somehow they are not really needed. You are right about the application usage. It is not very resource hungry on mobile phone. Quad core cpu are still able to manage all the power and give you stable output.

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    Oct 2012

    Re: How useful are Octa-Core Processors

    Quote Originally Posted by WinSlayer View Post
    Many new high end phones now a day are powered by Octa-Core processor. I want to know how it really benefit to a mobile phone?
    Different cpus are based on different MediaTek chipset. A few of them falls in the line of octa core cpu. According to me Octa core are good for tablets. Because there you have a bigger resolution. For phablet even a quad core with good gpu is more than enough. This looks like the fear of competition where many are forced to increase the hardware. I am quite sure in future this octa core cpu thing is going to be needed for gaming.

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