Many of us will face issue with dll files in windows. And most of us are not aware how to fix that thing. We try re-installation, windows, update, system restore type of thing. But there is one more solution. You can try debugging the dll file. Like in this short guide I am going to debug Mscorwks.dll Mini Dump File. This will help you to deal with variety of errors.

I am going to do that on a 64bit operating system for windows 32bit. I am having a bit issue with this file a number of time and I keep on getting the error on my screen. I am going to mention the steps in detail so that everyone can understand. So if any of you are having any issue with the following dll file can go through my entire steps. The thing which I am going to do is simply reload the symbol file path to a new one. This fix the problem.

  • The first thing you have to do is open WinDBG x86. It is not visible. You have to search it. You hit Ctrl + F from the Start screen to find this file.

  • Once you find that you have to open this file. I am talking about the 32bit system which is having issue here.

  • Then from your keyboard hit ctrl + s to locate the file. You can also directly click on Symbol File Path.

  • Now you have to type srv*c:\symbolspub* to debug the Debugging.png symbol path.

  • Once you are done with that you have to go in the C drive. Here click on the Users and then click on your user name.

  • Then click on AppData> Local > Temp. Here you have to drag the file which has a .tmp.mdmp extension to the WinDBG app. The file would xys.tmp.mdmp.

  • A basic debugging will start here. You have to look for mscorwks.dll: Win32 error 0n87.

  • After that we have to load the Cordll Debug.png. This can be done by entering .cordll -ve -u -l in the debug app you are using.

  • You will get a output on your screen regarding the same. The next step is to load sos mscorwks.

  • If you are facing a error then there is a separate way of doing the same. For that you have to press Ctrl + S and then you have to type srv*c:\Symbols* Now enter .loadby sos mscorwks. If there is no error then it is quiet nice we can move ahead.

  • The next step here is to enter clrstack after which you will get the actual debug information.