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Thread: Unable to start Windows Defender in Win 8.1

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    Unable to start Windows Defender in Win 8.1

    Is there anyone able to use Windows Defender in Windows 8.1. I am having bit issue after upgrade. When I am trying to do the same I am getting a Error code 0x800705b4. I want a bit help to fix this problem. I am not using any antivirus here.

    I found slow performance after installing any of them. Windows Defender is quiet decent and it also provide security from latest virus and malware. Does anyone knows a fix for the error? Please help.

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    Re: Unable to start Windows Defender in Win 8.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    When I am trying to do the same I am getting a Error code 0x800705b4.
    The same error I had faced on MSE. It appear when I was trying to turn it on. I tried many things and at last found that the issue appear due to conflict between security applications. Like you might have some application in your pc which is not removed and it is conflicting with Defender. In my case I was having the expired version of Norton. The error was gone once I removed and restarted my pc.

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    Re: Unable to start Windows Defender in Win 8.1

    There is an fix for it. But for that you have to simply edit Windows registry file. Type regedit in Start > Run box. Before modifying you can back up the registry file from File > Export. Now go to

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Win dows Defender
    There you can see a value DisableAntiSpyware. If this is not present then create it. And then right click on that and set the value to 1. Reboot and check back.

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