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Thread: Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

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    Junior Member
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    Feb 2012

    Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

    Got to level 50 and here are no more new animals so pretty please launch some.

    It bugs me a bit that while i am on max level my experience doesn't go up towards future levels. I finish some quests now and thousands upon thousands experience points are wasted. It would be wise to let us rise the exp level at least if the new animals aren't ready. Thanks

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    Re: Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I'm in the same boat. I'm focusing on expansions to make room for vast habitats. Still managing to burn millions of coins a day remodeling/upgrading some worthy animals. Looking to cut some dead weight as there are a few grassland/tropical animals that aren't worth prioritizing. Right now I'm retiring the weak and loading up on huge habitats for the big $$ animals.

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    Re: Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I am in the same boat. I'm at level 50 and have all the animals (all champion families except 4 more I am finishing up). I guess I'll just Collect coins and buy expansions for now. It's already getting boring though. New animals and levels would be a really nice incentive to keep playing!

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    Junior Member
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    Feb 2012

    Re: Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

    Thanks friends for your replies I guess we are all in the same boat I posted that thread a few weeks ago and came back to see if anything changed. I guess we will just have to keep on waiting and see what happens. I kind of went one step further in the other thread and expressed my discontentment about the whole situation. I don't like to write sad things but sometimes one just has to speak up See you in the zoo.

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    Senior Member
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    Dec 2011

    Re: Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

    When traveling to see other zoos I notice many people have no idea how to lay out their zoo. That totally defeats the bonus opportunities. When you are in an area (say Tropical or Mountains) you don't want to separate your animals. Lay the squares out so that the animals are linked together with the bonus squares. For instance, if you lay out animal - bonus - animal, the bonus in the middle gives the bonus to BOTH animals. If you put the animal in its own pen, there are no bonus points. This also goes for the Information booth or the hot dog stand. These items have to touch the animals or bonus square to work.

    If you are unsure how your layout is working, go into the move mode. Click on one of your bonus squares and you will see who is getting the points. Look at this layout (hopefully you can get the idea)
    A (animal)
    B (bonus)

    A B A
    A B A
    A B A
    A B A

    That would use all 8 animals in the zone. Notice how the bonuses are lined up in a string?
    The bonuses add up AND they hit all the animals. Now you can put a fence around the whole thing to make it pretty. The bonus areas are also more land and your animals will wander around - PETA would be so proud The animals may be eaten up in the wild but in the dream zoo they all play along.

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    Junior Member
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    Dec 2011

    Re: Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I have stalls for certain habitats because before the update that allowed larger zoos, it was pointless to have animals that hardly make any coins in any sort of habitat. I sold off the giraffe and gazelle too for more room. So I focused mainly on the more profitable animals (well, up until they adjusted %s). Basically it was a space issue and I haven't gone back to fix it yet.

    And trust me. I know how habitats/bonuses work. Your way works, yes. But trust me. My way is better. I wouldn't be sitting on 30 million in coin if I didn't. I only have 5 more expansions to go I believe and then I'll focus on the Dino's when they come out and THEN hopefully have enough $$$ to build out my zoo again.

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    Re: Whats next after completing level 50 in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I'm holding out on the urge to purchase any of the multipliers for dinosaur and prehistoric habitats. Once or twice, I've gone crazy and bought cash items when there was a discount on cash and upper level cash items.

    It was just last week when the updates fixed many of the stability issues, and players were given a cash gift. The arrival of the dinosaurs was also announced, and I waited with eager anticipation, but a nagging suspicion won't go away.

    I hate to be proven correct. When the top players have accumulated land and coins, everything becomes more expensive to impede our progress. The experience points gathered while being stalled at level 50 for weeks and months are nowhere in sight. The 'downgrade' to enable customized champions are aimed at making money, which shouldn't hurt anyone except that my animals look desaturated and wane. And now the game has changed all together with every multiplier going for cash. My dinosaurs are kept in pens, which looks even more ridiculous because they are so much bigger. Since the expansion limit has been reached (again), coins can only be used to ship back animals.

    Many of the complaints and observations aside, the stability improvements mean that Zynga is actual capable of producing a decent game. It's just a question of whether they want to, and what they want in return. Not knowing what tricks they plan to pull off next makes me apprehensive to spend real money to invest in a game.

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