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Thread: Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

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    Junior Member
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    Feb 2012

    Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

    Love his game and well on my way to being out of space to expand. By tomorrow I'll only be able to add 1 more then I'm out of space. When will this change? Will there be more space available soon? I don't even have the room for my arctic animals. So can anyone over here tell me if there would be more space available or not?

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    Re: Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I notice that there are areas of light green that should be expandable. However, I can't get the expansion box to work in those areas. Does any one else Have the same problem?

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    Re: Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I'm level 36 and have maxed out expansions as well, but I keep leveling and having to sell off habitat space just to make room for the new animals which get super expensive and take much longer to breed (5+ days on champion eagle!!!) Very hard to still make money and breed at the same time. The only consolation is I'm not putting down $500k on my next expansion which can go and pay for a mountain animal upgrade and transport of mate.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I've been addicted and have spent WAY too much time on this game. As a result, when I got to "Forest" level, there was no more available land to purchase. Twice I paid for half lot portions, and once it crashed and the TON of money I spent on an expansion disappeared. Anyway, there is NO LAND left to expand on!! I've uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted my iphone, and even plugged into my computer twice. I can "perfect" my current zoo, but cant expand anymore.

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    Re: Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

    I'm now completely out of space considering Zynga STILL hasn't fixed the expansion problem! I'm glad that the jungle decor has been fixed and that there is a tropical isle addition, but they're really useless because it took a TON of reordering just so I could squeeze in the last of the grassland animals! I think Zynga should notice this and provide with more space.

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    Junior Member
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    Dec 2011

    Re: Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

    This is getting more and more frustrating. Not only can I not expand, I cannot even load up my store without the game crashing a dozen times beforehand. My zoo grading is going down because I don't have enough animal variety, but how could I add more animals when I cannot: a) access the store; and b) when I finally am able to get into the store, the game wont allow me to expand properly?

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    Junior Member
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    Dec 2011

    Re: Maps are not large enough in Zynga Dream Zoo

    Agreed. I just sadly sold off a heap of 'land decor' to squeeze the animals ridiculously close so I can keep adding the new animals as I level up. I feel like a cruel Zoo Keeper. My animals need land to roam on! We need the expansion problem fixed! I can see other zoos who have different blank spaces and some zoos with many more expansion pieces laid down. How can this be so random? I should probably give the game up - I am slightly addicted and play too much anyway - but I enjoy it and if the expansion and visiting bugs were sorted, it could be a great game!

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