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Thread: Zynga Hidden Chronicles: How to store items in the inventory ?

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    Zynga Hidden Chronicles: How to store items in the inventory ?

    Hello guys,

    I am playing this game from last some days and I just need to know how to store items in inventory because I have not find the any storage to store items and I think this game should give opportunity to store items. I hope they come up with a storage solution soon. Every time I unlock a new section of the estate there's too many trees to clear out of the way. What are you all doing with them? I've been selling them to get rid of them.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: Zynga Hidden Chronicles: How to store items in the inventory ?

    there must be some way to put items from the game that you own in storage and put them back in play at a later date, but am not able to find it out? I can only see the option to sell them. I want to remove some stuff, do some rearranging and add the items back into my game.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Zynga Hidden Chronicles: How to store items in the inventory ?

    It seems like I'm not the only one who needs to store items I have purchased. I have enjoyed playing the game but when I want to change some things around I don't want to sell everything. Please give us storage. literally have no more space to put things, I can't decorate properly as things are on top of each other !

    I have 2 more spaces to expand so that'll probably take me another 2 months. Why can't we sell certain items? Those with the high estate points, the some are awful, I don't like the Chinese stuff, it's too big! I don't want certain buildings, can we not have the option to sell these?

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