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Thread: Best free Camera Apps to Blur background and create Professional Pictures

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    Jan 2012

    Best free Camera Apps to Blur background and create Professional Pictures

    Having a amazing camera phone, and wants to take great photos then just checkout the apps below. In this article I am going to review the best three applications which are good for taking Professional Images. This apps also help you to modify the images, you can also blur background. Blur Background needs professional tools and advance camera. Thanks to android, today we are having ample of applications that can do this thing instantly. Take photos, tap on things and done, those are blurred.

    The apps are able to accurately identify images objects. They will blur require things and you can add more artistic effects. I am always using one of this and share the photos with my friends. The good part here is that all the apps below are free. You don't have to spend a penny here. So lets checkout this application and see what features each of them provide.


    AfterFocus is capable of giving you high resolution image capture. It does rely on your camera settings. You can take photos up to 2048 pixels from this. Image quality usually depend on your camera lens. I am completely fond of Sony devices they give you some of the best camera phone in the market. Through AfterFocus you can also apply nice transition effects. Just tap on the focused area and done. This feature is called as Edge-feathering. There are more filters in it. It has very straightforward settings. That means you do not have to learn things in detail. When you have to blur the background you have to choose the photos area. You can add many natural and realistic effects.

    Original Picture:

    Edited Picture with blurred background:

    It is quite accurate and capable of giving you professional images. IT also has a auto function mode that gives you a easy selection in images when you are on a small screen. Most of the time I use Autofocus because it easy. But if you want you can also provide manual selection by drawing a line in the focus area and other things in the background will get blur automatically. There are nice Background Blur effect in it. You can apply different aperture styles. It will be hard to tell that you have taken photos from a phone or from a DSLR camera. Other thing it give you is Filter effect, Double photo and Easy Share. For using Double Photo you will have to upgrade to pro.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Best free Camera Apps to Blur background and create Professional Pictures

    Pixlr Express - photo editing:

    Pixlr Express is good for those who need a photo edition. Photo editor app just bring more things. It gives you option to crop a picture you can rotate it on the same and also you can find tune the same. Pixlr Express is a portable and powerful picture editor. Being a free app it does not overload your screen with adds. It is widely used by many. The app gives you m any free effects. You can also add overlays and borders. For those who want to play with their image more can go ahead with Pixlr Express.

    After modifying you can save and instantly share your pic. You can resize image instantly from available pre-defined dimensions. You can also create photo collage in it and the images with your friend on popular social networking site. It has a option called as Auto Fix. If you think the image are not so great just tap on it and done. Pixlr Express will apply the best settings to make image look better

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Best free Camera Apps to Blur background and create Professional Pictures

    Background defocus:

    Background defocus is for those who do not want to see other objects in their picture. It happens when you take photos there are people or unwanted object in the background. You can blur them through this. The app works really nice and give you smart way of defocusing object in the background.

    It does this by simulating a shallow depth of field. It is bit accurate and works fine all kind of photos. When you take picture it take two photos at the same time. There are different photos settings in it. You can apply the same to make the object out of focus. It also has some blur effects.

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