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Thread: iOS 7 Review

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    Apr 2012

    iOS 7 Review

    iOS 7 is the latest mobile OS by Apple. After being launched last year this OS has collect a few complaints from the users but still after that it is best and give you many things that your old OS cannot. If you had not yet updated to iOS 7 then you are missing so many things. After the release date I had seen people complaining about some bugs in it. The most common was frequent crashing of web browser Safari. Nothing is perfect. There can be some issues but new OS means more stability and more security. Minor bugs will keep on resolving in the coming time. The best part here is that Apple has provided the iOS 7.1 update which will overcome all shortcomings of iOS 7 with many new things in it. So here we will going to check that all thing one by one.

    GUI & Gesture:

    No one in this world can beat Apples interface. They had started a revolution in portable devices. The new iOS 7 is more fluid. It is fast and it works smoothly with various apps. You can run different app in the background. It is extremely easy to use. You can open up different apps and access all of them one by one with a single key. This time Apple kept things more light so that your phone battery can stay alive for longer period. And they had added multi-tasking to the device which will help you to use different apps instantly at the same time. In terms of looks it is impressive. The phone looks more brighter and clearer compared to the last one. Changes are minor but significant which makes the device more reasonable to use. Many things are removed so that you can use it more easily.

    Apple has also repeated various app and settings in iOS 7.1 which is a good point. They had not completely modified it. Like the Control Center. This gives you a instant access to enable or disable Bluetooth, or wifi. You can also enable Do Not disturb through his which is a ongoing feature of Windows Phone 8.1. At first look Control Center looks to be loaded with so many things. Space is less so when you tap try to tap on the exact point. For iPad this thing is not a issue. Control Center also help you to access your favorite app. You can jump to the settings from it. The OS has more accuracy this time. Auto correct is more effective. Keyboard animation or other app animation works flawless which add a bit fun on using the phone. Text buttons are more visible. I can see a tiny increase in the width of text. It is clear and you tap them quit easily. What I found that things are minimal but to the point. The new UI will not distract with additional things.

    Another important part of UI is gestures. Overall functionality of phone depend on this. It does not matter if you are using Apple, Windows or Android. Control Center in iOS 7.1 is accessible through simple swipe. Notification area is accessible by swiping down. Where you get instant details of many things. Like messages, updates, social networking post, etc. There are different sections in the notification area. At one side you can find the weather condition while on the other you can see your important updates. When you swipe to the backside you get back on the main screen of app. For example if you are on Safar and you are visiting a few sites after searching in Google, just swipe to the backside and you are back on Google.

    This gesture also work on Settings. To get the app list you have to tap two times on the home button. You see thumbnail of different apps and you can access them by taping it. If you want to click them just flick it and done. Internal App icons, folders etc are more clear with a bit large space. The arrangement is very impressive. Apple has added few additional things on the home screen like Dynamic wallpapers. You can use panorama images on that. This makes the screen look more alive. Most of the things are similar to iOS 7.1 but few extra things add more benefit.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: iOS 7 Review

    Useful Applications:

    Contacts, messaging and emails are three important apps which you use frequently and the new iOS 7.1 add more extra benefits to that. Phone book is one of the most important and frequently used app. I am always a fan of iOS phone book. The Contacts app which is more easy to use than other devices. The Contacts app has many new benefits which will help you to make calls faster. It comes with icon of message. That means you can make call and if you don't want you can also text to that person from Contacts itself. And you can also send a FaceTime Audio/Video from the same place. A bit of time saving feature.

    You have to request the receiver to unblock you first by accepting your required. Contacts are more detail now. You can store social networking info and many useful things in it. The same goes to the messaging apps. It is not very different but better than before. A conversation view help you to get thread view of all messages. That means you can see now all messages from single person. Mail app is more better. This is the place where Apple has worked seriously. You can simply clean your trash by a single wipe. You can move a message to the junk folder through swipe. For those who are using their device for email will get more happier due to this feature.

    Web Surfing:

    Web Surfing the second most important thing for anyone who has a iPhone type of device. Apple always make its browser unique. When you open pages you can see the browser automatically optimize the page and give you a very impressive screen output. The buttons and icons are different, forms and drop down menus are more optimized. Safari here is bit changed. It comes with a transparent look. But if you are trying to use some other browser it will not accept the theme.

    Through the browser you can sync your bookmarks and tab quiet easily. It has a reading list and shared link feature where you can just keep a track of things you read the most. You can also share that with your friends. iOS 7.1 brings iCloud Keychain for this home browser. This is a like a password manager app. Once synced you can access your password from any device.


    The camera app is same wit few add-ons. It is wrong to say that it is completely different. There is a change in the interface but Apple has made it more better so that you can not only take photos but you can also share it. The new camera app now has a Square mode where you can take photos like you see on Instagram. You can add various filters and share them with your friends with single tap.

    You can switch to hdr, enable/disable flash, switch camera, etc very easy with a single swipe. iPhone 5S which is the latest model has HDR Auto mode. Where the phone automatically manages HDR settings and give you exceptionally great photos. I really like the photo quality. It is far more impressive. Photos are sorted automatically on the basis of data and location. A few set of feature will make your camera work more easier. You can just have great effects instantly.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: iOS 7 Review

    Multimedia & Gaming:

    Music and video apps have bit tweaks. They are redesigned and give you option to get iTunes Radio Streaming service. But that is limited by region. For example you can get radio in UK only. The music app is not very different but is good to give you song info. A lot amount of time is saved here. You get option to sort the songs by artist or you can also ort it by genre. It is a old feature but iOS 7.1 does this very nicely. Artist images are bigger this time. For gaming you get a new Game Center in the device. The game center give you a handful for games in it. The service is free right now. A few games that are available in it can be played with friends. You can share your scores also.


    From long time Apple maps were criticized for their output. That is because of too many errors in them. iOS 7.1 has something good for those who want to use Apple's Navigation. The new map application looks more sorted than before. It can give you perfect direction now. But still I will recommend not to only rely on pre-installed app. If you are serious about navigation then try to use some third party apps also. Apple Maps is not perfect all over the world. They have specific region where they give you amazing output with traffic information and a bit of 3D layout.

    Siri is the popular voice assistant service. When Apple introduced it for the first time I was really excited to use it the way they promoted it. But still Siri is not so good. It works well if it is able to understand you. But if not then you just keep on messing with setting. You have to train your voice with Siri. It will maintain a database of your most regular command and give you effective output. Siri needs more optimization according to me. Siri works well for US or UK accent but when it comes to other countries this App just fails. Apple added a bit more brain to Siri. When your phone is on sleep mode Siri will automatically change the settings of Bluetooth or wifi. It can also make calls and post status on facebook.


    Overall iOS 7.1 is a worth update. It can be problematic for those who need excellent voce assistant support. But those who need to use their phone more effectively can go with this update. You have many benefits over the old one. Some new additional will increase the usability. Things that I really not like is Maps. Navigation is really hard here. I think Google Maps sometime is more effective key. Things which I like is the keyboard. It is very accurate in typing as well in spell correction. I will recommend you to update to iOS 7.1 if you are looking for a stable usage. A lot of bug fixes will make your device work better.
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