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Thread: How to fix Heartbleed Bug on Android devices

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    Feb 2014

    How to fix Heartbleed Bug on Android devices

    Heartbleed is the new security issue right now. I had seen on few article that this virus also effect various android phone. They are the most vulnerable. I want a bit help here to fix this if it is in my phone. I am using a antivirus which does not shows any infection yet. Still if this antivirus is present in my device how to get rid of this? Do I have to format the phone completely. Something like factory reset. Somebody please provide me some solution. I am really considered of my important and crucial data stored on the phone.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: How to fix Heartbleed Bug on Android devices

    It is a sad truth that Android is the most vulnerable here. But there is a fix available for that. Go on Google Play and download Heartbleed Detector. It is provided by Lookout Mobile Security and right now there is nothing better. This tool is free.

    It will scan your phone and will give you detail about the heartbleed virus. If your device is vulnerable then you will get instant notification on the same and you can simply block it.

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    Re: How to fix Heartbleed Bug on Android devices

    Here's a small correction, Jason. Heartbleed Detector is not the fix for this problem, it just lets you know whether your device is infected with this Bug or not. It does nothing else.

    In fact there is no fix for Heartbleed available so far. Probably, only a new Firmware upgrade from official manufacturers can help us out of this.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: How to fix Heartbleed Bug on Android devices

    To fix it you will have to install Lookout Mobile Security also. The above app is only a detector. Lookout Mobile Security and antivirus is also free. So download both of them and check back. I am sure this two thins will keep your device protected.

    Also if you have any new updates pending install them. The update is resolved in newly provided OTA updates. Many IT companies are actively working on this problem.

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