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Thread: How to install Xperia Z2 Launcher and Apps on any Android phone

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    Oct 2012

    How to install Xperia Z2 Launcher and Apps on any Android phone

    Xperia Z2 is known for its amazing camera quality. Also the Sony UI and pre-installed apps are quiet nice. This device has a 20.7 "megapixel camera supported by Sony Exmor RS Mobile Image Sensor. Through which you can take amazing and instant images. .2 "screen has amazing Full HD TRILUMINUS is the best display in the world. Xperia Z2 is not only equipped with great features, it also has a great design. But what about the UI and OS in the phone. What if you can have a option through which you can install the apps and launcher on your existing phone.

    Well, now it is possible. Thanks to this custom Xperia Z2 Rom Firmware. IT gives you a image of Xperia Z2 Os. You can simply get the UI and many additional features. This custom firmware works on many phone. You might not get the camera quality of Z2 but still you can use some amazing apps and a completely modified UI. After installing this firmware you will get Xperia Home and Easy Home. The default multimedia apps like Walkman, Movies and Album will be also added. For productivity you can use Notes and Sketch. The firmware also brings Xperia Keyboard. You can use the default Smart Connect app to sycn yoru device with others. Other things you will get is Xperia Lounge, Social Life News, Tools/Walkman/Weather Widget and Z2 Live wallpaper. So lets move ahead with installing this launcher.


    • Remember this firmware will only work on rooted phone.
    • You have to install CWM recovery on your device before installing it. Or else it will not work
    • Rooting will cause permanent warranty loose. Sometime wrong method can brick phone. So go ahead on your own risk.
    • Download Xperia Z2 App Package and keep it on your desktop
    • You also need to download ROM Manager. You can get this app on Google Play for free.
    • You will need a memory card for installing the apps.

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    Re: How to install Xperia Z2 Launcher and Apps on any Android phone

    Installation Process:

    • It is recommended to backup your existing rom first. You can do that through CWM or you can use a third party device. Backup will help you to restore the rom if you find Xperia Z2 app is slowing down your device. Do not attempt to install unless you have the existing rom backup.
    • The first thing you have do is move the Xperia Z2 App package in the memory card of your device.
    • Then go on Google Play and add Rom Manager.
    • Launch the application. This app will be sued to flash the phone. You have to choose the app package through this.
    • Once you start flashing the process will take to apply the update. Wait back until it is over.
    • Once the update is applied on your device you can enjoy Xperia Z2 apps on your phone.

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