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Thread: Unable to turn On or pair Bluetooth in Motorola Moto X

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    Jan 2012

    Unable to turn On or pair Bluetooth in Motorola Moto X

    In this short guide I am going to show you the options through which you can simply fix the pairing issue with Motorola Moto X. It is quiet common that there are many people who are complaining this pairing issue. Most of the time the device remains undetected even if you tried to connect multiple times. The second problem lies with connection different Bluetooth audio devices. There are some simple tips you can try to fix the problem.

    I had commonly faced issue with connecting the audio devices of my car system. Most of this device have a compatible Bluetooth technology. But still that fails to work properly. It is quiet annoying when you are unable to get a constant connection. Some workaround mentioned below will help you to deal with the problem.

    The first thing you have to do is check the Bluetooth specification. You will be able to find the compatibility through that. Sometime you are trying to connect to a older version of Bluetooth that fails to work. This happens in most of the old phone. High end Smartphone's are unable to connect with old devices. So you have to see that first. Your device must not be much older. Or else the connectivity will keep on failing.

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    Re: Unable to turn On or pair Bluetooth in Motorola Moto X

    I do this more often. You have to unpair the device first. Once it is paired the next time you turn on your Bluetooth, the device is connected automatically. You can simply reset that setting by unpairing the device. You can go in Bluetooth section and unpair all. Then try to pair it back again. This tip is helpful when you are trying to pair Bluetooth headphone and speakers.

    If nothing works then you have to go with some extreme measure. Most of the Bluetooth devices comes with a firmware updated. This can be done through a pc software. You have to update the firmware and check back. This thing is quiet easier for mobile phone. But when it comes to other Bluetooth devices like speaker or headset then it can be complicated. You can try checking the official website for the same.

    Restarting the device also helps many time. You have to turn of the phone and restart the entire device. If it is not having the power button then remove the battery and insert it back again. This will be helpful if there is a connectivity problem.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Unable to turn On or pair Bluetooth in Motorola Moto X

    Now this is the last and final solution if you think that your Bluetooth device is fine, but there is problem in Motorola X. You have to run full factory restore. Try to backup all your data. Backup everything sms, contacts, photos, videos, etc. You can use different software for that. And then run a factory restore. Try to pair once again.

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