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Thread: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013) Review

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    Apr 2012

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013) Review

    Amazon introduced its 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite last month. Amazon announced its next generation device with 3G connectivity and much more advancement. Amazon is in the market from very long time and has introduced to its customers some really good device and is pretty liked by the users globally. So to keep the pace in the market and to fulfill the need of its users Amazon came up with new advancement in its flagship.

    This new device is upgraded in terms of its design, processor and battery life. We are here to discuss whole feature associated with this device and whether this device will be better than the previous one launched by Amazon. Amazon won the race against many rivals and was nominated as best ebook reader device last year. Now this year, again Amazon is trying to achieve the same and prove to be the best ebook reader.


    Amazon’s new ebook reader has simple and sober design which will definitely attract users. Design part of previous flagship was very good but with little more brush up Amazon came back again in the market. Ebook reader primarily required to be very handy because to read content in the device should be comfortable in hand and while reading. Amazon has kept all this in the mind and created this device which has good plastic body which provides good grip in the hand and you will love to read books in this device.

    New Kindle Paperwhite is 9.1mm thick, as you can see there are no changes in the thickness of new flagship if compared to previous Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader. New Paperwhite device comes in two variant one is WiFi enabled and other is 3G enabled and depending upon the connectivity weight of the device differs. Wifi enabled device will weight at 206 grams while 3G enable device weights 215 grams which is exactly same like 300 pages book. Body of the device is sturdy enough, but safety comes first so better you have some safety cover for your device.

    Front part of the device is plastic and has no hardware button on the sides or on front side. You will have to manage everything by means of touch provided in the device which was not present in previous version of Kindle. Device has one micro USB slot at down side of the device and has small LED indication that glows orange to show the charging progression of the device and turns green when charge is full.Device has power button and is only hardware button on the device.Overall the designing is excellent and the device has a very premium look.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013) Review

    Display and Hardware:

    Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite has huge display of 6-inch with HD resolution (1024x768 pixels) which is really good for the device which is used for ebook reading. With the resolution provided you will be able to see the contents more accurate and same like you are reading book. Display has 212 ppi which enhances the text and picture of the display to make reading comfortable. Amazon hasmade slight change in the display of this device a little to make users experience more richer and clear. Viewing angle of the display is very good, which allows you to read your favorite books easily from different angle. If you study in group then also your group members sitting away from screen will be able to see the contents clearly.

    Amazon know that users would use this book while travelling or in outdoor place, so in order to make the display responsive under bright light it has improved Sunlight readability on the screen, which allows you to read the data or your book easily under bright light.If you are reading a small content on this device you will not strain your eyes to read that text as Amazon has improved blacks much deeper in this device which allows you to read small content easily.


    New features have been added in software of this device.It has been given the Vocabulary Builder which collects words that has been referred by us in the dictionary in to a list so that we can refer it later. Amazon has also introduced new in-line footnotes which will help you to read complete text of each footnote. Device also has Smart Lookup which uses X-Ray and Wikipedia to incorporate full dictionary description with other information about the topic or word.

    Goodreads and Kindle FreeTime is another features added in this device, Goodreads helps you to find what your friends are reading, rate books and share highlights by registering to Goodreads account. Kindle FreeTime works as parental control and allows parents to choose suitable book for their children. Amazon has minutely looked intoeach and every aspect of the device and integrated in to its new flagship. Your device can read variety of books with different formats.

    Your device can run TXT, PDF, MOBI, Kindle (AZW and AZW3) PRC easily and if your book downloaded from internet has PNG, BMP, DOCX, JPEG, HTML, DOC then you can convert it in appropriate extension by just sending file to your Kindle email. You do not need to worry about the conversion part also; just email and you will get proper extension for your device.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013) Review


    Coming to the hardware part of the device, then compare to previous flagship of Amazon this device have faster processor which helps to respond much faster. While reading stuff in your device you need to turn pages to move ahead in that topic and turning pages are now faster with the advancement in the hardware.

    Amazon has 2GB onboard storage to store all your favorite books and from 2GB, 1.25GB of the storage is available to fill with your stuff. Amazon should have provided expansion slot to increase the memory because if you are reading stuff which are full of images then 1.25GB will fill up fast whereas if you are storing your device with books without images then you can store up to 1100 books which is a huge collection.


    Battery provided in the device is excellent and stays for more than 8 weeks with all the connectivity off and minimal backlight. While reading we may not need much brightness provided the situation where we are reading. If you are reading somewhere outdoor then brightness level at minimal will cause strain in the eyes and while reading books in dark place brightness again have to be adjusted to minimum to avoid straining eyes.

    If device is used for two or more hours every day with wireless settings off and minimal brightness level, then battery of this device will serve for more than 3 weeks. After testing it was found that the paperwhite battery level dropped only 10% after heavy use for two days. So battery life is just excellent in this device.


    Amazon’s Kindle PaperWhiteis an excellent eBook reader device with superior display feature which allows comprehensive reading on this device. Faster processor looks after the performance of the device and processes large file with plenty of images with lesser time compared to previous flagship. Software features added in the new device is just outstanding and very helpful. There are noticeable improvements compared to previous flagship of PaperWhite.

    The negative part of the device is its very low storage and that too fixed (not expandable).The device is expensive compared to the previous one though not many features are added to balance the price. Price of the WiFi variant is about Rs.11,000 and 3G variant is for Rs.13,999.
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