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Thread: Important Google URLs you must be aware as a Google User

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2012

    Important Google URLs you must be aware as a Google User

    Google is no doubt very huge and vast. They offer so many services that most of us has never heard as well. Apart from all those stuffs, there are also many such useful pages or URLs that can be very useful for us but we never came across them. Why? Its simple, because we never heard about them. So, today i am going to post here the top 10 Google URLs which every Google users must be aware of. Here are they:

    1. Google SignUpWithoutGmail

    You might have seen few people using email addresses other than Gmail in few Google accounts like YouTube, Adsense, etc. But you might be wondering how come they can use other domain email accounts for login in to Google services or Google accounts? Well, this is possible using the above URL. Using this URL you can create a new Google account which will work with all Google services, using any email account from live.com, yahoo.com, or any.

    2. Google Preferences

    This is another very important URL which can be useful for you while browsing internet. While browsing internet pages you see many Advertisements around the screen among which few are suitable for you while few not. Using this URL, you can tell Google about your interests, preference, your gender, age, etc so that you always see the Ads which are useful for you.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Important Google URLs you must be aware as a Google User

    3. Google TakeOut

    As i said in the beginning these are all important links, this is yet another very important Google URL that lets you download your entire Google data which includes contacts, bookmarks, drive, mail, calendar, people, hangouts, etc You can archive all the data at safe place or download them on your computer so that you never loose any thing. Just click the above link and backup now.

    4. Google Location History

    This is helpful if you use Google Maps on multiple devices like Android smartphones, PC, etc. By going to the above URL, you will get all your Location history which can also be downloaded in KML files as a backup. If you want you can view this file later anytime in Google Earth application.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Important Google URLs you must be aware as a Google User

    5. Google History

    As its name suggest, by going to this URL you will get the entire history of your Google searches. There are also some filters such as web, images, shopping, Ads, etc which means you can also check the history which Ads you clicked and when. The graph also lets you know when do you do higher searches and how active you are on Google. I found it very useful, you may also.

    6. Google Activity

    This is a security stuff. If you have used your Google account on somebody else's computer or forgot to log out or if you are worried that someone else is using your account, then this URL will help you a lot. Just click the above link and you can get the entire history of your activities. In case you find anything suspicious, there is a button to change your password immediately.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Important Google URLs you must be aware as a Google User

    7. Google Permission

    Now a days there are many devices on which we grant access to our Google accounts. For example, you have to 2 to 3 Android running smartphones or tablets where you need to sign in with Google account. Similarly, there are many applications or services where we grant access using our Google account instead of registering or signing in. In such cases, if you feel need to know which all devices or services have Full access to your important Google account, this is the URL you need to click. It will show you the entire list which are using your Google accounts. You can also revoke the permission from any of these services by simple clicking a button.

    8. Google Verify Admin Account Password Reset

    This is the most important URL which all Google user should be aware of. In case your Google account is hacked or your password reset options are not working anymore, you can use this URL. By visiting this Secret URL you can reset your Admin password but you will require to verify your domain name by creating a CNAME record in your DNS. It is not so difficult but very important.

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