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Thread: Apple iPad Mini (Retina Display) Review

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    Apr 2012

    Apple iPad Mini (Retina Display) Review


    Apple products are considered to be premium in the market as their technology and service are really advanced. Apple 5S was the latest launch from Apple and now Apple has come up with new device in iPad section. After the successful launch of Apple iPad mini, the Apple iPad mini 2 is out in the market with Retina display which is considered to be more advanced in display feature.

    It comes with a Superior chipset, 64bit processor, iOS7and a wonderful eye-catching built. In addition to these, there is a lot more to discover in the latest iPad mini 2. It is fully featured device by Apple, same like of Apple iPad Air but in smaller version. We will be discussing the whole features and design of new iPad in this section.

    Design and Packaging:

    Apple is well-known for its build and design part and so the legacy is been carried forward with new Apple iPad mini 2. You will also notice that all the models of Apple are almost similar, with minor change. Apple iPad mini 2 has full aluminium body which makes the body look premium. The bezels on the side of iPad are smaller and the sides of the iPad are curved which gives a good grip and feels good to hold.

    Taking a look on the Apple iPad mini 2 you will notice a 7.9 inch of Retina display covering the major portion of the front. Above the display you have facetime camera and sensors. On the bottom of the display there is conventional round home button which is present in all Apple devices. Back of Apple iPad mini 2 is simple with just camera of 5MP and microphone on the top left corner.

    Towards the center of the iPad there is an Apple logo. On the sides of the Apple iPad mini 2 there are volume control button, towards the bottom there is a SIM slot and lightning connectors or charger, left side of the iPad is kept plane. At the top of the iPad there is 3.5mm audio jack and power button. We can say that Apple iPad mini 2 is very much impressive in terms of build and design.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Apple iPad Mini (Retina Display) Review

    Display / Screen:

    Display of an Apple iPad mini 2 is the big change in iPad section. First mini iPad to get Retina display, which packs resolution of 2048x1536 pixels on 7.9 inch of LED-backlit IPS LCD. Retina display of the Apple iPad mini 2 will have 324 pixels density with oleophobic coating, more pixels means more clarity in display and oleophobic coating will help you to have smudge free screen.

    You will definitely notice that display for new Apple iPad mini 2 is upgraded radically when we compare it to iPad mini. With the brighter display you will get bright and crisp images and you will not find any colour wash out when you tilt your iPad or view from different angle. Apple iPad mini 2 required a better protection; the gorilla glass would have been a good option. Every little detail on the screen would be crystal clear.

    No doubt, the viewing experience would be at a different level and very comfortable. Reading text would be really comfortable as pixel density.

    Hardware and Performance:

    Hardware part of the Apple is equally advanced like its body and display. Everyone around the globe was surprised with the 64bit architecture processor in Apple 5S which proved to be the best processor and performance of the CPU was up to the mark. Apple iPad mini 2 is running on iOS7 and also has same Apple A7 chipset which is present in Apple iPhone 5S and with dual-core 1.3GHz cyclone (ARM v8-based) processor and 1GB DDR3 RAM which is eminent for the best performance.

    With the sophisticated CPU and RAM performance will not be a reason to worry, especially in terms of multitasking and processing heavy instructions. Graphic operation of an iPad is handed over to PowerVR G6430 which is said to have quad-core graphics performance. Heavy browser or heavy gamer will not face any problem of lag and stutter in iPad mini 2, the credit goes to the powerful CPU and GPU architecture.

    Apples A7 chip will have M7 co-processor which will take off the load which is rendered by main CPU and will take care of heavy task like fitness tracking and GPS tracking and many more, it means the resource will have different set of task to complete to give you a fast and better performance. Apple devices are not meant to have expandable storage so it comes with inbuilt storage of 16/32/64/128 GB storage. So now you will have a clear picture that not only the body is upgraded but the hardware and the specification too are upgraded in new Apple iPad mini 2.
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Apple iPad Mini (Retina Display) Review


    Apple iPad mini 2 comes with 5MP camera on the back for capturing image and taking video and 1.2MP camera at front for making video call. Camera which is situated at the back is known as iSight camera and do not have flash. Rear camera can shoot video at 1080p resolution which means full HD at 30fps. Front camera is said as Facetime HD camera which can record video at HD 720p.

    Camera UI is very simple and Apple’s iSight camera has five element lens arrangement, so arrange the lens and capture the picture with your customization experience. Camera is given with viewfinder and you can set it to autofocus and white balance with just by tapping on it. Right of the viewfinder has control bar options. Camera allows you to click picture in HDR mode which allows you to capture image even with bright light in the background. You can view the captured image from the shortcut provided in bottom right corner.

    You get good pictures on outdoors but while capturing pictures indoor, they came out little noisy and the requirement of a flash was felt here.If you consider the overall performance, Camera is really good and have really amazing features.


    Apple iPad mini 2 will run on iOS7 which is the latest operating system by Apple. As from the report iOS7 had some bugs which have been resolved by Apple by providing some updates, however the difference was not visible. iOS 7 has good control centre and improved notification center. Like of Android OS, now you can drag the notification bar and access the toggles directly.

    Seems Apple has been inspired by Android OS and adopted something good from Android OS. After realising the importance of user friendly and simple OS in the market, Apple came up with an innovation in their new operating system. You will not see any widgets on new iOS7, so you can say, while few have been adopted by Android, Apple want to keep their OS simpler. App store of Apple will provide you with iPad specific apps.

    iOS 7 is said to be very simple operating system developed by Apple, which means operation of this new OS will be very user friendly.
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    Re: Apple iPad Mini (Retina Display) Review


    Battery in all the Apple devices is non-removable and there is no official word about the battery strength from Apple. Battery is said to be smaller than of Apple iPad Air. We can have more than 7 hours of backup with the battery installed in iPad mini 2. Heavy browser and heavy gamers will not be disappointed by the battery life as Apple knows how much power backup a device would require and according to that Apple has powered this device.

    All other Apple device provides you with good backup, so you do not have to worry about the battery life, even if the official data is not given about battery of iPad mini 2. If you use the device smartly then it can give you more battery life.


    Apple iPad mini 2 is good device which has excellent build quality with premium finish, impressive hardware specs and top notch performance with good battery life. The highlight of the device is the Retina display which offers brilliant viewing experience; also the increase in the resolution adds to the quality of the display. Things which are a bit worrisome is the camera section as the low light imaging is average, price of the device is little costly and very simple iOS7.

    If we compare the previous version of iPad mini then you will come to a point that there has been a good improvement in overall features and specifications. Performance and touch of the iPad mini 2 has also improved drastically compared to the previous version. With the wonderful display, built and other hardware and software, I think Apple has justified its premium pricing of 320 (US$399, AU$479) for the 16GB model with Wi-Fi connectivity only. If you go for better storage and connectivity it would cost you a few euros more.
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