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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

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    Mar 2013

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

    Samsung has always come out with some really advanced technology to attract the crowd at MWC event. Last year they stunned the spectators with Samsung S4, the first Full HD AMOLED display and this year it’s Samsung Galaxy S5. According to Samsung their new flagship will comprise of many features which were not installed in previous Galaxy series phone. It is said that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have 5inch screen with Full HD AMOLED display and finger print sensor technology. Samsung S5 has good camera of 16MP and nice battery backup. Samsung also planned to make change in the processor capacity by making 64 bit architecture which was pioneered by Apple on Apple 5S.

    Looks like people all over the world want to grab the new Samsung Galaxy S5soon, and there would be huge queue to get your hands on this one. Take a look in the actual performance and features of the phone and decide whether to wait for another device or your wait is finally over. Before getting into testing the device, let's have a quick look at Samsung Galaxy S5's highlights:

    • Android 4.4.2 KitKat Operating System
    • 5.1 inch full HD Super AMOLED Touch Screen display
    • 1920 × 1080 pixels resolution
    • 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor
    • 2GB of RAM
    • 16 Megapixel rear camera with LED Flash and BSI
    • 2.1 Megapixel front-facing camera
    • 4K video recording support
    • 16GB / 32GB internal storage memory, expandable upto 64GB using microSD Card
    • 4G LTE-A, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2X2 MIMO), Bluetooth v4.0 LE, GPS, NFC and USB 3.0
    • IP67 ratings for Dust and water Resistance.
    • Infrared LED for smart TV remote
    • S Health 3.0, Heart rate sensor
    • 2800 mAh Battery

    Design and Packaging:

    Samsung was never a stylish phone maker to come out with unique designs, you will notice the same structural design for every Samsung phone with different screen size. Once again Samsung has done the same thing by making some minor changes on the usual design. Samsung took some inspiration from Samsung S4 model. Front of the Samsung S5 is similar like of Samsung S4 with all the sensors, earpiece and front camera. It has a 5.1inch full HD screen and below the screen, again, there are capacitive buttons of option and back and oval shaped exit button.

    As you turn around the phone you can see the magnificent 16MP camera with LED flash. Within the body sits the 2800mAh battery that is pretty strong. Back of the phone is slightly inspired by Samsung Note 3 but it does not feature the vaux leather like of Note 3. Samsung S5 has plastic body at back with same texture of Note 3 which adds good look and firm grip of the phone. However it feels the same in the hands like other plastic body handsets. You can see much advancement in the features compared to S4 model.

    Quality of the phone is very good and Samsung has made first high-end water and dust resistant smartphone, so no matter if your phone drops accidently in water just take out and dry it out.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

    Display / Screen:

    Samsung will make use of AMOLED technology for its Samsung S5 display. Phone will feature a 5.1 inch large screen with full HD resolution of 1920x1080 and pixel density of 432ppi which makes the screen look clearer and sharper. Samsung S4 has good pixel density than new Samsung S5 which means there is degradation in the screen, Samsung was likely to have 2K display for its new flagship but landed up with AMOLED full HD display for Samsung S5. Samsung is expected to give 4K display on its phone by the year 2015 so but for now we don’t have any such phones from Samsung.

    Phone is said to be dust and water proof resistant which means you do not need to worry about your wet hand. Screen is protected with the Gorilla Glass 3 display, so don’t bother about the scratches on your phone. Viewing angle is not an issue in any Samsung Galaxy S series phone so neither Samsung S5 has. Reading text is very comfortable due to high pixel density and clarity, even at low text size font is clear and comfortable to read. Overall the screen is highly durable and of a great quality.

    Hardware and Performance:

    Samsung is quite known for its hardware upgrade in smartphones. If there is any hardware upgrade then Samsung comes up with new smartphone in the line and that smartphone has all the latest hardware. Samsung S4 was one of the first smartphone with Snapdragon 800 processor which was fastest among all processor and this time with Samsung S5 they have come up with even more fast processor of Snapdragon 801. The plan was to install 64bit architectural CPU for their new flagship but somehow they landed up with 2.5 Quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB RAM.

    One more unique feature provided with Galaxy S5 is Dual Connection Which means you can use WiFi and LTE together to boost up the download. The 5th generatoin Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 2X2 MIMO technology equip Galaxy S5 with two internal Wi-Fi antennas to double the connection and accelerate the speed of your Wi-Fi like never before. For the storage of the data and stuff you are provided with good inbuilt storage of 16/32 GB and can be further expanded up to 128GB with the help of microSD card. The phone is stuffed with super-fast processor and RAM and with the help of this hardware you can get your work done easily and multitasking is handled very smoothly by this phone. If you are heavy browser and need to work on different tabs then you can easily switch your task from one tab to other, thanks to Snapdragon processor and 2GB RAM.

    Games and HD movies requires GPU and Samsung S5 is powered by Adreno 330 GPU which will take care of all graphic handling of the phone. So all the HD games and HD movies is no problem with Samsung S5.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Review


    Samsung had good response for 13MP camera in Samsung S4 flagship but now Samsung is going to put 16MP camera sensor on Samsung S5 with LED flash, which captures images with the resolution of 5312x2988 which is impressive resolution. Camera also has feature of capturing image in 1.12 micron pixels to get amazingly sharp images.

    Video shot from Samsung S5 gives output in 4K resolution at 30fps which is similar to Samsung’s Note 3. Video stabilization and HDR video mode is new feature added in Samsung S5. HDR picture comes very brilliant with Samsung S5 and many more camera settings are added to have a perfect picture of your choice. Photos are customizable as per the users need and situation using the wide settings options.

    One revolutionary feature added in camera section by Samsung is its reflector integrated flash, which will allow user to take sharp pictures in daylight time as well as night time photos. Camera has wider field of view so you can cover large area for picture. there are numerous modes to click pictures in different styles. Both pictures and video quality is superior compared to the earlier version.

    Operating system and TouchWiz:

    Samsung S5 will run on latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat and its own UI TouchWiz. User interface of Samsung S5 will be much smoother and design and features associated with UI will be almost similar to Samsung S4’s UI. Many quick links is been added like of S Finder and Quick connect which helps to move with good speed.

    It has same notification bar with many quick links to directly navigate to that application and turn it on/off directly. There are quick settings option too for switching on/off connectivity options and other general settings. Samsung also introduced Finger Prints scanner for the first time in any Samsung smartphone. Although Apple introduced it first but this is completely different.

    With Fingerprints scanner, your security level has surely increased. You can now unlock your phone and make faster and more secure payments via PayPal with the swipe of your finger. With this feature now you also not required to enter passwords for your Samsung account. Just swap the finger and you are logged in.


    Along with the advancement in the hardware of Samsung’s flagship there is a good advancement in the battery life too. Samsung S3 was launched with 2100 mAh battery and now Samsung S5 will be backed up with 2800mAh which means you don’t need to worry about fast battery drainage.

    You can easily play and work with your Samsung S5 for whole day and if you prefer continuous browsing and games the still phone gives you with backup of more than 8 hours. Talk time estimated on this smartphone is more than 20 hours which means you can have long conversation without any issues.


    Samsung S5 will be the boom in the market like all the Samsung Galaxy S series. Phone has some innovative body design inspired by Samsung phone itself. Super processor and RAM will top the benchmark test for performance. Camera is very powerful and it clicks at high resolution with many additional features present to enhance the images. AMOLED display provides crispness and puts light to every detail of the screen. As you can see in the battery section, it’s very strong giving long hours of backup.

    Samsung S5 is Dust resistance and Water proof which enable rough and tough usage of the device. Samsung should have provided some innovative design to its Samsung S5 and screen resolution should have been more advanced. Overall the phone is really great and powerful giving smooth performance and has the latest android OS. Price of the phone is rumored to be cheaper than Samsung S4 however let’s wait for further announcement from Samsung.

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    Mar 2014

    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

    Wow what a nice phone, well i realy like this actualy...!

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