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Thread: Need Blackguards PC Save Game

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    Jan 2014

    Need Blackguards PC Save Game

    Hi friends, just signed up for a small help and to thank you for all previous helps. You guys really rock for game saves. Keep it up.

    I'm here for a similar help. I'm unsure whether you guys are interested in playing Blackguards but i do. I installed it yesterday and played couple of missions so far. Now, i'm in a problem, huge problem and hoping help from you all. If anyone of you guys are playing Blackguards, then can you please share me your save file? I dont know how but my gamesave corrupted and i lost all my progress. So, it would be a great help if anyone of you can share your saves.

    Help appreciated.

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    Re: Need Blackguards PC Save Game

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGuards View Post
    Hi friends, just signed up for a small help and to thank you for all previous helps. You guys really rock for game saves. Keep it up.
    First of all welcome and thank you very much for the appreciation, friend. Now coming to your situation, to be frank i'm not playing this game. Also as the game is launched just 2 days ago, it would be difficult to get the save files because many of the people may still trying to complete the game.

    So for the time being, i would like to share a Game trainer which will help you to reach the mission where you were before loosing the gamesave files. This is a +4 trainer which provides you many things, as a cheat, so that you can progress very fast. You can download it from the attachment below.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: Need Blackguards PC Save Game

    If anyone here looking for Trainer, than i got a +5 as well as +23 Game trainer for Blackguards. +23 trainer works good with Steam. Both of these files can be download in one package from here. Download Trainer.

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