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Thread: PlayStation 4 Blinking Blue Light of Death SOLUTION

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    Mar 2013

    PlayStation 4 Blinking Blue Light of Death SOLUTION

    As discussed earlier, many PlayStation 4 users around the world faced the problem of Blinking Blue light of Death (BLOD) on their consoles the very first of the release of this next generation console. PS4 is a new gaming console offering more powerful graphics and amazing output. The console comes with enhanced technology. But issues and bugs are common. This can be a manufacturing defect, issue associated with hardware, cable, etc. The most common is the blue light of death. You won't be able to do after that.

    So here in this guide I am going to show you the process to deal with the same. Recently many new problems appeared on the console not yet addressed by Sony. But through basic stuff you can try to fix and if that does not work then going to the service center is the only option left. If you are getting a red or blue light on your new console then it means there is some issue with the hardware, connectivity or with the console. We will check one by one and try to locate the cause and apply some fix. There are chances that this problem gets resolved and you will be able to work on the same.

    So below just check each and everything one by one and you are also invited to post any fix that you had found. This might help others.

    Common causes:

    There are 4 because I had seen which can be common with this red and blue light. The first is TV Compatibility. The monitor or TV on which you are trying to hook the latest console is not compatible. So try testing in on some other display. The second is issue with the power supply. This is common in consoles. If the power supply is not proper it will not able to boot properly. The third cause can be problem with the storage. There can be bad sectors or some issue with internal storage. And last thing is hardware problem. Under both you have to take the console to the service center.

    Display Setup:

    We first try to check out the connectivity options here. PS4 comes with HDMI ports. You can use a good hdmi cable to connect it to your TV. Sometime incompatible cable or display causes the issue. So here you have to troubleshoot the connection. You have to first checkout the display resolution here. If you are using HDTV then issue must not appear but on some old models is the resolution support is less than 720p then the problem will remain. You have to check for new firmware for you TV and update the same. You can go in the source to find out proper connectivity. Sometime No Signal is very common as the PS4 is not able to boot and give you improper output. You can start switching the ports from one to another. If that does not work then you can replace the hdmi cable.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: PlayStation 4 Blinking Blue Light of Death SOLUTION

    Boot PS4 in Safe Mode:

    To get rid of the signal problem you can try booting your console in safe mode. For that you have to keep on holding the power button for around 8 seconds. When you release the button the console will beep and it will be started in safe mode. If you are able to see the display then tries to reboot it back in formal mode. You have to go ahead with software update in this case. You can also reset the console settings through safe mode and re-initialize it. Updating console software is one of the best ways to fix the issue. You can do that through internet connection or through usb.

    If you donít have internet then you can go ahead with a pen drive. Keep at least 1GB of free space in that. Download the update and then copy in the pen drive. The update in .pup format. You must extract it if it is zipped. Make a folder name UPDATE in the pen drive. Write the exact name mentioned and move the update inside it. Turn off the console and connect the psu. The hold the power button for some time to boot in safe mode. In that go in System update. Select Update system software and choose update from usb. That's all.

    Verify the console storage:

    Boot issue also occur if the storage has some issue. You can verify that. There is no direct tool to tell you that the console has a damage hard drive or not. For that if the console is under warranty then you wonít have to pay much. But if it is not then you have to replace the hard drive. You can get a new one from store.

    Keep PS4 up to Date:

    Always keep the console updated. Do not skip anything. Updated console are more stable and reliable. They will work fine and will not have any issue. You can go with manual update also. That is by downloading the update file and then running it through pen drive. It is quiet easy. Update also boosts the gaming output of the console. 1.51 is the latest update which is released. Ensure that this is installed in your system.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: PlayStation 4 Blinking Blue Light of Death SOLUTION

    Reset PS4 in Safe Mode:

    Reset might resolve the issue instantly. Because some internal settings might be causing the console to work properly. For that again hold the power button for 8 seconds and enter safe mode. You can go in the settings and run a full system reset.

    Fix Bricked PS4 System:

    Bricked console means you wonít be able to anything in that. It might boot and freeze. No controls will work and you wonít be able to enter settings also. For that you can check out the link below which has detailed guide on the process. This might help you to troubleshooting the issue.

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