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Thread: How to set a MP3 as ringtone in windows 8 phone?

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    Oct 2012

    How to set a MP3 as ringtone in windows 8 phone?

    I got a new Nokia Lumia 820 device. I was using a simian phone before. Later on I thought going for Lumia is better. It is durable and has amazing features. I had lots of new tons in my memory card and I want to apply that. But I cannot see any option under phone sound. It looks the mobile only give me the default tones. How can I change and add my own?

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    Jan 2012

    Re: How to set a MP3 as ringtone in windows 8 phone?

    You can do that easily but you have to check certain things before. Like the audio must not be drm protected. If it has drm settings then there are fewer chances it might work. To add a ringtone connect the phone to the pc. You can see the internal storage. In that you can see a ringtone folder. Open it and copy all your ringtone files in that. Then go back in the Settings and configure the audio profile.

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    Re: How to set a MP3 as ringtone in windows 8 phone?

    I am using an app for that which I found on Windows Store. This app is having nice option to add a ringtone instantly. I can add as many ringtone I want. It is really easy.

    Go to Windows Store and search for Ringtone app. add this in on your device and then tap on your favorite audio. It will give you a drop down menu from where you can choose adds as ringtone.

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