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Thread: Nokia Lumia Wifi Hotspot not accessible on Windows computer

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    Sep 2013

    Nokia Lumia Wifi Hotspot not accessible on Windows computer

    I have a Nokia Lumia device. I have a 3G internet connection on the same. I want to use that on my laptop. As the process says i turned on wifi hotspot on my mobile phone but while searching the hotspot on my laptop, i cannot find the same. I cannot use that internet. The same thing is working good with my Android Note 3.

    Is there any another way of sharing Internet or Wifi Hotspot in Lumia smartphones? If yes, please let me know how. Thank you.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia Wifi Hotspot not accessible on Windows computer

    Looks like you are having some kind of compatibility issue with your phone and laptop. Usually sharing internet is very easy. You just have to turn on the portable hotspot and enable the settings. The same is then reflected in the network icon on system tray. But if it is not then your laptop wifi is not compatible with your mobile phone.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia Wifi Hotspot not accessible on Windows computer

    The process is called as internet tethering. Compare to Android, Windows phone are bit complicated to use. To share your internet you have to first enable internet sharing. Which you can find inside the settings panel.

    Then you can go ahead with turning on the portable hotspot. But if this is not working try to run the latest software update.

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    Sep 2013

    Re: Nokia Lumia Wifi Hotspot not accessible on Windows computer

    I own Nokia Lumia 520 and I am sharing its internet with my friend. It works fine. There is no issue with the connectivity. I am trying to use the same with my tablet. The speed is slow but it works well.

    I have a problem in connection drop. It fails sometime in between. I think software update or soft reset can resolve the problem.

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