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Thread: Nokia Lumia 920 Error Code 86000C09 while syncing email

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    Nokia Lumia 920 Error Code 86000C09 while syncing email

    Getting error when I am trying to sync email on my Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone. The error code which I am getting on the phone is Error Code 86000C09. I never saw this error before.

    Hope someone of you can help me out with this. I am trying to sync my hotmail email account. I have a regular mobile data pack. I do not think there is an internet issue. Is this some kind of hardware fault? I had tested my email account which looks proper.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia 920 Error Code 86000C09 while syncing email

    My phone is giving me the same error. So it means the problem lies with Hotmail not with the phone. From last two days I am trying to sync the mail and it give the error. My friend has an android phone on which he is using a live account. And it works on it. The issue is restricted to lumia devices only. I think this some kind of transcoding error and we have to wait back until this thing is fixed.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia 920 Error Code 86000C09 while syncing email

    There is one thing you can go for. But before doing this I will recommend you to backup your data.

    You can run a full factory restore and try back again to resync the email account. This is the only chance left. Because you cannot remove the app from the phone. Once you restore things will get back to normal. Sync issue with common with few lumia phone only. At my office one person has a Lumia 625 where the same Hotmail account works fine. And there is no error at all.

    In my device when I open hotmail in web browser it works well. The first thing you must do is remove the account. And then add it back. You will get a verification process which must be correctly done and then only it is going to work. I think the issue lies with that verification thing. If that is done then there will be no issue.

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