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Thread: Android 4.4 KitKat Review

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    Android 4.4 KitKat Review

    Google has finally released the new Android Update or we can say the new operating system, Android 4.4 a.k. KitKat. This update is going to come on HTC One first in the month of January. While those who live in US will start getting the update from this month itself. It was planned that Android Kitkat will be exclusively released for the new Nexus, but skipping that HTC is able to snatch the OTA update and released on its HTC One. Apart from that the first device to get launched with new Android 4.4 KitKat is none other than Google's own "Nexus 5"who has generated a huge amount of curiosity in the market before its release. However the Nexus 5 is now released officially with the Kitkat itself.

    Until now whatever devices released in the market by Google, were amazing. You cannot get such great models at a reasonable price. The Nexus Tablet which is released in this year is giving a fierce competition to other tablet that is below Rs.15,000. It is almost impossible for other brands to stand well against stiff competition offered by Google. It is expected that the new Kitkat update will be offered too many other devices. This will include the high end Smartphone from Samsung, Sony, LG, and many more. Kitkat 4.4 features are not clearly discussed.

    Things are still under shadow. In the last update we got a multi-profile support. You can create different user account and lock the phone so that others cannot touch your settings. What more Google is going to bring in Android 4.4 Kitkat. It is a premier OS for the new device that will make it better. Here leaving the new features aside, the touch will be more improved with enhanced UI that will make your day to day job easier. Also you will get a good gaming support on it. Major changes are done in terms of voice control. You just have to say OK Google know to activate the voice command. That means no taping on the mic button. The messages are integrated with Google Hangout offering you a common place to get everything. Hangout act as the default message center where you receive your mails, you can chat and also check also messages.

    New elements are added in the UI and things are bit modified here. One of the most important benefits of this new update is that you have a printer support on the device. You can directly hook a wireless printer on your device and print instantly without messing around with cloud applications. The integrated video player got a subtitle upgrade. You can now leave MX player aside. The default dialer is improved and further supported by caller ID. This is somewhat similar to Truecaller. It will give you the call information when you are dialing or making calls. Google keyboard got Emoji support.

    Through Home settings you can also access the launchers. Changes in the UI are one of the most common things. Here it is assumed that Kitkat UI is better and fast. Called as Translucent UI. This is first time used in the iOS 7. This new UI is fast and adds a bit transparency effect. It is fast and interact quiet easily with applications. All major changes are obviously going to make you happy. We had seen every new version of Android is improved and great. The status bar is more compact this time.
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    Re: Android 4.4 KitKat Review

    You get instant icon access on I which am covered by white icons. One of the most common issues that we face in many app is lack of full screen view. This is removed in Kitkat. You can run a number of apps and games and even run the keyboard on full screen offering more accessibility. Certain shortcut allows you to work faster and boost your productivity. Full screen mode is one of the major UI changes which removed a number of old problems. Another important thing which is counted is battery. Android phones commonly face battery issue. That is due to several reasons. But this time the new OS is more optimized to boost your audio output. It also preserves battery by tunneling all the audio to a DSP (Digital signal processing). You have to check in the device if it has a DSP support or not. Because this thing does not work in non DSP models.

    We commonly use our phone for multimedia purpose and audio playback cost a huge amount of battery life. A newer version is always heavy on older devices. This is a true fact I had seen till Jellybean. But if we talk about Kitkat then Google has designed it lighter. It will work great on low end phone also. All those who buy an entry level android phone and get loaded the latest OS are never happy with the performance. The output remains dull and outdated. The phone is also slow. Entry level phones are going to get great benefit from this new OS. Kitkat emphasize more on the memory management.

    The new version of this OS is optimized to work faster and consume a less amount of system memory. So that the other apps are more responsive. Other things which got benefit from the new OS are connectivity. NFC chip is commonly available in almost all Smartphone’s. This allows you to connect instantly and share files. You can connect to a media device and play your favorite song on the same. Kitkat improves it more.

    The new phone has advance version of NFC which instantly connect your phone to any device. It has a new addition called as Host Card Emulation. Right now NFC has no security. That means whoever has a NFC can control a media device by turning it on. But in Kitkat your phone has a unique identity and can be used with a single device. Kitkat aim in improving the connectivity. We had seen that recently wearable devices are getting common. Like the Samsung Smartwatch.

    In the same way you can also use Google Glass with your device. You can sync it well making it better and managing a proper commutation with the same. There are more devices which will be coming out when Google finally release Nexus 5. The connectivity part here also covers Bluetooth. It is more optimized to use low power and offer a good data transfer speed. Upgraded Bluetooth is also compatible now with keyboard, mouse and joystick. You can use various devise and control your phone.

    Android Kitkat would be the most innovative OS came up so far. As per the current competition in the market manufacturers are trying out many things in making their device more and more interactive. The new Android OS is ideally designed to make your device run faster and smooth. It is designed to enhance the responsiveness and making your device more and better. The new OS will work on low end system also. It is lightweight and will work nicely on old phones. So here those models who are still struggling on Gingerbread can expect the update. This depends on the manufacturer.

    The OS functions well on 512mb RAM as well. Memory management is one of the most important requirements here. This enhances the device responsiveness by making it more and more active. We all love to load new games and test new apps. But when you close them they are still active in the background affecting the overall performance of device. This thing is removed in the phone. So here you can see the new Android OS is amazing. It is powerful and fast in usage.
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    Re: Android 4.4 KitKat Review

    It gives you enhanced NFC and printing support with better memory management compare to the older system. It is an ideal choice for tablets. Battery is a major issue with them. They drain out really fast within a few hours of usage. Print service will help you to use a printer on the system. You can print different documents and file instantly through it. The print support will allow you to get rid of unwanted apps. Most probably it will come with integrated Google Cloud Print support. This will allow you to print files from Google Chrome, Google Drive, Gallery and QuickOffice. The UI is simple so that you can navigate easily in the internal folders. Integrated cloud storage helps you to keep backup of your important files. You don't have to signup new services here.

    Android Kitkat is amazing on new devices. On old it will enhance the output. Nexus 5 already come loaded with low power sensor which boosts the battery output. This feature is called as Sensor Batching where a multiple sensor works at the same time instead of one by one.

    Overall Kitkat is an impressive OS and its OTA update is expected by all. Running multiple applications on it is smooth and fast. New devise running on Kitkat will be able to take maximum benefit from the GPU Acceleration, which in turn enhance the gaming output also. Google has tried t make this new OS performance intensive so that you can use more and more apps on the same. The new enhancement will give you amazing 3D effects on your screen in apps and gaming both. Above all it is a low powered consuming OS that is capable of giving you long hours of usage.
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