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Thread: How to Disable Camera Shutter Sound in Android Phones

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    Apr 2013

    How to Disable Camera Shutter Sound in Android Phones

    Hope somebody here can tell me how to turn of the camera shutter sound. It is a bit annoying. It makes a really loud noise at the time of taking photos. Is there an app available to disable that. I tried locating the option to change that in Settings section, but there is nothing available. I also checked the camera settings. It looks my phone is not having that feature. I am using a different camera app for that. Which is not having shutter sound?

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    Oct 2012

    Re: How to Disable Camera Shutter Sound in Android Phones

    There is an option available through which you can put your phone on the silent mode. The internal sound is control by the system sound. But there is no direct control available through which you can disable it. And sound panel will also give you nothing. There is a different method for that. To get rid of that you will need a file manager.

    You can download any good File Manager application from Google Play. Install the same. You have to enter the root folder of the phone memory. This is by default /system/media/audio/ui folder. In that you have to locate for a file camera_click.ogg. Just rename the file and add .bak at the end side. The audio will stop.

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    Re: How to Disable Camera Shutter Sound in Android Phones

    Different phone has different ways of doing the same. By default this sound is control by Cameraclick.ogg. You can delete that file if you want. Or you can leave it. If you remove it the sound will not come. The same thing goes with renaming it. I am looking for some way to customize that sound. There is no app for that. Many advance camera application still does not has the feature.

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