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Thread: Features of Nokia Lumia Black Firmware update?

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    Sep 2013

    Features of Nokia Lumia Black Firmware update?

    What does Nokia Black Firmware is going to do. I need info on it. I had not yet got the update in the phone. I had seen on web that today Nokia has released this new update for making the device better in terms of performance. But does this update is going to give better camera features also.

    I went on the official site to collect more information but unable o find anything. And also I want to know one thing does this update is only provided for high end devices.

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    Re: Features of Nokia Lumia Black Firmware update?

    The update is announced for high end devices. They were unveiled with Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1320. This is two high end devices which are recently released offering you high end camera features. Both phones are durable and have amazing build quality. Lumia Black update is announced with that. But this update is not available for all. It is for some selected devices only. After Amber update this one is the first one released so soon. The update promise to give you new apps and reliable output.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Features of Nokia Lumia Black Firmware update?

    It is not easy to find the list of phones which are going to get this update. Amber update was provided for all. But Lumia Black looks limited to some specific term only. I know something about the update, this new update offer new apps and some amazing things.

    Nokia has not clearly stated what they are going to offer. But this update is going to add Nokia Story Teller application in the phone. This app will help you to create your own stories instantly.

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    Re: Features of Nokia Lumia Black Firmware update?

    I do not think the update is limited to high end devices only. It will be provided for all Lumia devices. The update adds apps like Nokia Story Teller, Nokia Beamer and Nokia Camera apps. Here Story Teller app is simply counted as one of the best. The app really looks more promising in various ways. You can use your photos and create a nice story with the help of timeline. Also Here Maps is also updated. Photos will be tagged automatically through Geo-location feature. You can use many real-time things in it. Photo Beamer is an old app which is provided in amber update also. This app helps you to beam the photos on a web browser directly. You can mirror your screen with other devices.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Features of Nokia Lumia Black Firmware update?

    Another cool app, or probably an enhanced app shown off today was the Nokia Beamer. This is the successor to the Photo beamer app that could beam photos directly onto the web browser. However, the Nokia beamer takes it a step further and allows you to mirror your screen in real-time with options to share anything on your screen, remotely to a web browser.

    This is pretty much like streaming video onto a server, and Nokia will be the one helping you host your stream. No details on the availability but this are one of those apps that would need the appropriate firmware hooks from “Black”.

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    Re: Features of Nokia Lumia Black Firmware update?

    The entire list of "Lumia Black Update" features are provided here in details. You guys should look at it. The update is rolled out today and will hit all you Lumia user's devices very soon.

    Lumia Black Update Features Preview.

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