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Thread: Best Custom ROMs (Android 4.3) for Samsung Galaxy S4

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    Mar 2013

    Best Custom ROMs (Android 4.3) for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S4 is a high end and flagship smartphone from Samsung offering you great hardware configuration with amazing speed and HD gaming support. It is powered by 1.7 GHz Quad Core CPU with 1.5GB of ram and amazing 5inch display on the front size. The device is amazing with great hardware configuration and great touch support. Today Galaxy S4 is one of the best phones in the market with rich looks and features. And also you have more possibility of running custom rom on the same. All you have to do is download the right one.

    There are many custom rom available from which I had selected the best one. You can similarly install that in your device and unlock more advance features. The Custom rom here is designed to give out more output. They are rich in output with many advance options. To use them you have to root your phone. Without which custom rom will not work. Rooting offer a super user access. It gives a full permission to other ROMs. But remember that by running a custom rom you void your device warranty. So try to do the same on your own risk. And also get a full system backup before doing that. Anyhow you are going to root your device. After rooting you can use CWM or Nandroid type of tool to back up the entire stock rom. So that if you do not like any custom rom or facing a problem with using it, then you can wipe out the old one and get your factory OS back.

    Compare to other phones in the market, Samsung devices are easier to root and run Custom rom. They have a simple boot loader that offers you instant advance options. So here I am targeting the 7 most widely used rom for this device. This is the top rom which has custom interface and features. They are smooth and add more benefit to your existing device. Among this 7 you can choose the one that you like the most. You can one by one install all the rom and test them on your phone. They are already tested. As I said the thing that matters the most is the taking your phone backup. If you ignore that then you might face problem in future. So let’s move ahead by finding the best rom for this device which you can use and enjoy amazing features.

    1. CyanogenMod 10.2 ROM

    CyanogenMod is one of the most popular and simple rom ever created. This is not just a rom but a kind of advance solution through which you can have an amazing OS with integrated features which can be used for backup and troubleshooting. Among all the custom rom in the market this one is the most trusted one. It offers you amazing features. The new edition load Android 4.3 Jellybean OS on your system. It is completely customizable and easy to use. The setup is also very easy.

    It keeps rooting active so that you can go ahead with more advance options. It is very interesting to find the new thing in this rom. Each time when a new version is released it is more enhanced. It is one of the most stable rom also. For those who are first going to install Custom rom in their device must begin with Cyanogens Mod. The rom has amazing interface and advance accessibility features.

    Like swipe and tap for various applications. You have a quick launch menu on the home screen from where you can access a number of new stuff. Through updated Privacy Guard you can manage the way apps take update in your phone. It is common in android that apps works in background and keeps on downloading new updates. So through this you can completely block them. It has an automated profile option through which you can block someone to change your phone settings. It also boots the phone brightness. Trust me this new mod is just amazing and more advance. It has a number of new things in it which makes the device work better.

    2. Arrow Custom ROM

    This rom features better look. Like if you need a rom that has amazing layout and interface then this one is the best one. This rom is good for battery. Many say that this is for those who need a really long battery backup. Because it does not comes loaded with additional stuff which you never going to use. So if you are only a performance freak then this rom is ideal for you. It might not give you advance options like CyanogenMod, but it is good enough to give you output as per your expectation. Or even higher than that. The rom has a very nice look. The fonts are different and it looks very neat and clean. It does not have any additional app menu or drawer that makes your device to work slowly. The rom has a tweak to save phone battery.

    And it works really well. It not only enhances the battery output but also boost the network signal. In return which enhance the audio quality of your mobile phone? Your apps locate faster in this because the rom uses the ram in better way. That is why this rom is ideal for running multiple applications and can be expected as a good one for long run. When you install it, the rom disables the Google OTA Update checking. So that it no issue can cause due to automatic update. It also updates the error reporting service.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: Best Custom ROMs (Android 4.3) for Samsung Galaxy S4

    3. Revolt ROM:

    Revolt is the last rom that provides you Android Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware with bit additional feature. This rom is built on Cyanogens Mod. So here you have all the features of Cyanogens in it. This rom is for those who need more customization options. In this you can customize your own launchers and power widget. It works really well and has no issue at all. The rom come loaded with multiuser support. You can create multiple users in the rom. Each of them is restricted. Once a setting is applied in one user, the other one cannot modify the same. So this is something really smart.

    4. Omega Custom ROM:

    Omega is quiet popular ram in the market. Now it happens that after installing a custom rom you will get an entirely new replaced interface. And you miss the old touch screen support. That is TouchWiz. This is a Samsung UI which is common in many devices. Through Omega Rom you have the same back. The developer has kept TouchWiz in it. It works on the same UI but has a different look. This rom offer you more stability compare to the existing factory rom. It is also faster in terms of output. This rom has tons of new features which you will surely love. It provides you a customized UI with Touch Wiz support so that you can work more properly. There are certain custom mods available in the same. Through which you can instantly do advance task. Also the rom adds a set of new animations in the phone. For beginner this rom is really great. The rom comes in two versions. The first is Jellybean 4.2.1 and second is Jellybean 4.2.2. By keeping the Samsung interface you will not find anything complicated inside it.

    I like this rom due to huge amount of features in it. It does not have bloat ware that slow down the phone. The rom adds omega file and settings application. Compare to the one which is in stock rom this is more advance. It provides you busybox support also. It is rooted and so you can go ahead with more advance configuration. The rom adds Aroma installer in the phone. This is an advance installer utility through which you can customize anything you want. When you are running an app setup you can remove bloat ware from it. It has integrated full wipe option. The same is applicable for cache partition, Dalvik Cache and preload partition. This is done automatically before you start any new installation on the device. The camera gets photoshare feature.

    5. PACMAN ROM :

    Some rom are developed by developers are remain hidden on web. This roms are amazing. But as their feature is less explored they take some time to get popular. So here Pacman Rom is one of them. This rom is a mixture of top 3 rom altogether. That means in this you are going to get benefit of CyanogenMod, AOSP and Paranoid Android. This is the top three rom which are great for Galaxy S4. Each of them has different features and options. But Packman Rom brings all of them at one place. It is nicely blended by developer and it offers enhanced option. It can be called as a hybrid rom. Once install in the about phone you can find all the three rom installed. It is ideal for those who need a composite feature of different rom in the same pc.

    Because you do not have to install each of them one by one. You just add Pacman rom and have all them together at one place. The interface is not so catchy but the rom is amazing in terms of extra features. It gives you more than what you want. At a single place you can use the power of three best roms in it.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: Best Custom ROMs (Android 4.3) for Samsung Galaxy S4

    6. Android 4.3 Google Edition ROM:

    This rom gives you Android 4.3 Jellybean OS support. This is not officially provided on every phone. There are few manufacturers’ who are in a process of giving you an official Jellybean 4.3 update to its users. But if you want that, you can go ahead with installation of this rom. This is not an official rom. It is a modded one. The rom has a Google Edition firmware in it. That makes it more reliable. When you add this rom you will get an unrooted phone. It can be counted as a leaked official version. This rom is for those who want a stable phone. You get reliable output with Android 4.3 Jellybean OS on the same.

    7. Slim Bean ROM:

    This rom slowly got in notice. This rom is quiet popular today. It is because of its smooth performance. It is an extended rom that can enhance your phones productivity. If you need a simple rom that is fast and reliable then you can go for that. This rom comes with additional customization options like you can have a slim pie that allows you to access different application. A notification draw, lock screen shortcut and quick settings to manage various things. It is based on dark theme. The rom comes packed with Gapps. Due to which you get all your default Google apps installed in your phone. The rom has a notification drawer and some additional shortcut on the lock screen.

    You can simply customize that and enjoy a smooth output. Major attraction of this rom is SlimPie. With simple touch you can launch a menu through which you can open up different applications. It works really well and has no performance issue. On devices like Galaxy S4 this is surely going to work well and will not give out any performance problem. You can have different colors in it.

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