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Thread: Valve announced new gaming controller with dual trackpads and touchscreen for PC

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    Jan 2012

    Valve announced new gaming controller with dual trackpads and touchscreen for PC

    Valve has come up with its amazing new gaming controller which will surely enhance your gaming experience. Gaming controller are low shadowed products in the market. For pc many are not using the same, but if you go for the innovative Valve controller you can enjoy ultimate gaming experience on the same. The controller comes with dual track pads and a touch screen support through which you can manage various game controls. Called as Steam Universe this new gaming controller. This is the first time Valve has done so many changes in a game controller making it more unique and a feature rich product. For gaming this console will surely add many extra benefits.

    Valve has designed this product in order to give you a composite feature of keyboard and mouse while playing games. Many say that once it is configured properly you will not require using your keyboard mouse anymore. Everything is controlled by the controller itself. This also adds portability. No longer have you required sitting near your pc. The controller will also work with gaming console like Xbox and PlayStation. As per Valve, this new controller will have a superior control scheme which sync well with any new game in the market. It has two circular track pads on the left and right side. Through which you can control movements via your thumb. This track pad comes with a clickable button in it.

    So when you press you can perform an action like shooting or pickup some object in the game. The design is very sleek. It is light and has ample of amazing features. It is a kind of ultimate gaming tool for desktop and laptop. It is accurate and offers better control over regular gaming style. The controller has a touch screen in the center through which you can checkout more things. Like you can check out the inventory, weapon, maps etc. The controller will work with all games which are released by Steam. Somehow Valve has able to make it compatible with almost all the games. So there is nothing to much worry about the compatibility stuff.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Valve announced new gaming controller with dual trackpads and touchscreen for PC

    Valve is also working on Steam Machine. This is new gaming system which will enhance your ultimate gaming experience. Rightnow Value in a process of sending around 300 machines which will also include the controller. This will be provided to the Steam members who are expert gears also. It looks Value wants to revamped the gaming experience. The machines which are designed will work on Steam OS which is designed over Linux and only focus gaming.

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