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Thread: Best Android applications for ROOTED smartphones and tablets

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    Mar 2013

    Best Android applications for ROOTED smartphones and tablets

    Rooting is an amazing process through which you can unlock and real power of your device. This process is risky also. But today it is safer due to tons of app support and custom rom. This roms are build and tested. They are stable and reliable. I had myself worked on number of various custom rom which worked really well. Now in this article I am going to give you the list of apps which are best for rooted device. If you keep this n your phone will help you to get more benefit over existing one. The features of a rom depend on its type and the developer who build it. Like the new CyanogenMod. The new edition provides you Jellybean OS on your device. It works well with high end devices.

    It is important to check out the complete detail of device you are using before going ahead for the rooting process. If you install wrong rom your mobile will brick. This is the place where the device is in coma. It will not turn on. At that point certain apps like Nandroid and Titanium Backup pro help you to restore your existing rom back again. So letís checkout each and every application one by one and see what output it gets.

    ROM Manager:

    Good app for advance users. This is the first app I install after rooting my phone. The reason lies with advance fetters it provides. This application allows to customize the rom as per your need. It works on the core level and so need root access to work. It will not work on unrooted device. Sometime flashing generates more issue which is hard to troubleshoot. Through rom manager you can do a number of stuff which is easy to understand. Clockwork also gives you a Rom Manager application which s better. The rom comes packed with many things inside it. Like SuperUser, ClockWorkMod, CyanogenMod Nightlies, UniqueDroid, etc.

    Titanium Backup:

    This is one of the best backup tools available for rooted device. If you have Titanium Pro then you do not really need anything. This not a basic app. This app gives you to backup and restore anything in your phone. You can backup sms, contacts, files, apps, settings, data, game data, etc. You can also backup and restore the entire ROM of your device which is amazing. You can restore anything you want of your choice and this works really well. Number of time after rooting you are not satisfied with the new ROM. You can restore things back through this powerful backup utility.

    LMT Launcher:

    Want to boost your mobile productivity install LMT on it. This is an amazing launcher which has high customization features and offers you custom gesture to control your device. You can manage everything in it install. You can add more menus and more apps docks on your screen. The launcher provides you a Pie Menu where all apps are hooked. It is a freeware launcher and work only y rooted phone. It is a full launcher set which has many special features. Once loaded you can get instant menus from different screen part. you can customize the gesture and launch the kind of app you want. This launcher supports a wide range of device and work nicely.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: Best Android applications for ROOTED smartphones and tablets

    Default App Manager Lite:

    After installing a Custom Rom you lose the stock look of Android phone. It has a different interface which is advance and features. Now some apps which comes pre-installed in every android device is useful. Having them can give you more benefit. Most of the custom rom does not exclude them but some does not have a complete package of stock rom. Apps like Android Launcher, Android Browser, Default Lockscreen, Default Camera settings, Android Gallery, Android Messaging App, Android Keyboard, etc. You can download these apps from web and install them in your phone to make it lighter.

    Samsung Multi Window Manager:

    Most of the devices which are released recently in the marketed give you a huge screen size. It has an amazing interface and smooth touch output. Now you can have something extra on it. Samsung always work separately on their device. They add something unique to make its device more features and has a cooler look. One app which you must have in your rooted is Samsung Multi Window Manager. This app helps you to use the extra space of your big phone screen. You can run two apps on it. Good for high end phones.


    Do you think you device is working slower. Your games are lagging and performance is poor. Battery is draining fast. Then go ahead and install SetCPU. This app is amazing and offers you a great way of dealing with the phone performance. You can customize your device and enjoy great output on the same. This app comes loaded with many tweaks and you can also overclock your phone if needed. You can enhance the output and also reduce the cpu voltage to reduce battery usage. SetCPU is actually designed for advance users. And if you are not aware how this actually works then just avoid it.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: Best Android applications for ROOTED smartphones and tablets

    Root Explorer:

    After rooting if you are not having root explorer then your phone is low on features. Root Explorer is an advance file manager. In a regular one you cannot see hidden system files and partition. Root Explorer allows you to see them all. You can modify your device more and make it better. You can not only view those files but you can also move them and modify them. This app is mostly used by developers to perform a number of different tasks on a device.

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