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Thread: Assassins Creed Pirates hitting Android and iOS devices soon

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    Assassins Creed Pirates hitting Android and iOS devices soon

    The most popular gaming series Assassin Creed is soon coming for Android and iOS platform with the name of "Assassins Creed Pirates". Ubisoft is planning to release this game on portable platform after rocking PC and consoles. Ubisoft has not provided any final date for the release. Assassins Creed is a action adventure game loaded with tons of fun. The game has 4 mains series which are released for various platform. Till yet none of them are released for mobile platform with amazing graphics. On Google Play there are two games available. They are Assassin Creed and Assassin Creed Revelation. Both are released by Game loft with poor graphic mode.

    The game has a basic dos based interface. If you had played the game before then you will surely like the amazing new edition on portable platform. The only edition which is planned to coming on iOS and Android is Assassins Creed Pirates. The game is under development. There is no trailer or any detail info released which an offer us more detail information on the game play and on its feature. The game is assume to have a now story line. While the desktop and console edition simply deal with memories of Altair Ezio. He remains the prime character in many series. It is an open world game. Ubisoft has also not confirmed whether this mobile edition of Assassins Creed will have any multiplayer support or not.

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    Re: Assassins Creed Pirates hitting Android and iOS devices soon

    Player will now play in the shoe of Alonzo Batilla. This character is the ship captain who is on a new mission to find a treasure. In between he is going to go with many naval combats. Ubisoft has not provided any detail information on the game release. A short image is leaked on web that does not provide much info on the same. It is hard to port this game on a portable platform. There are several reasons. On a console or pc we are having a full fledge environment where we can have higher number of elements. I had played many mobile versions of high end games. What I got is a bit similar game play but low level and poor graphic. We can expect something really great for Ubisoft.

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