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Thread: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

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    Jan 2012

    Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    At last Microsoft also jumped into Voice Recognition technology by offering its new support for Windows Phone 8.1 called as Cortana. This is a clear answer to Google Now and Siri. This is a kind of digital assistant who will make your life more easy by offering you instant help and simple phone management.

    Siri in Apple has already proven its output by giving out the simplest way of using voice commands on phone. Let’s wait back and see what Microsoft is going to offer.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    Microsoft took really long time for this. They have come up a bit late with Cortana. But we can hope for the best. To be frank, none of these voice apps are accurate. There is some issue in the speech recognition. The issue mostly lies with dictation. I had tried Siri that looks to be working fine when you are speaking loudly and clearly. But when you have voices around you, or if there is a bandwidth problem then it will not answer you properly. It is just a waste of time sometime.

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    Re: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    Microsoft claims that this is smarter voice app. Now there are something that Microsoft has really done, that is why they are giving such confirm speeches. There is no test available on web that can tell us how these things actually work and what is the accuracy.

    For basic voice commands the phone relies on the internal dictionary but when it comes to advance usage, the app relies on its own voice database which is stored on the web. So you need an active internet connection for that.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    This just looks like a technical advantage to new devices. Apple has already released this before and that does not look so successful. W

    hile Microsoft also came up with a flashy stuff called as Cortana. I expect something better from this digital assistant. But what I need that Microsoft should work more on delivering applications for Windows Phone OS. This device lacks in apps and due to which the usage gets limited here. Cortana will be first provided in Windows Phone 8.1. That means those devices which does not support the new edition will not get anything.

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    Dec 2013

    Re: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    The only time siri and google now were in demand when they were actually launched. And i think only a small percentage of people might actually be using this technology. So unless Microsoft does something out of the ordinary i think it too will bite the dust.

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    Nov 2013

    Re: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    Does anyone has a demo video of Cortana, I had google for it as well as youtube, But i dint come out with any results

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    Re: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    So, we are now very close to experience the new Cortana. Microsoft has planned to release its beta version for developers in April this year on Windows Phone 8 devices. Just likes Google Now's "Ok Google" word, with Cortana we need to say "Bing Tell Me". FYI Cortana has been voiced by Jen Taylor who have already given voice in Halo Game for Cortana Character.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Microsoft's "Cortana" stands against Google Now and Siri

    Here is a small update. While browsing the web today i came across The verge site who already had access to the Microsoft's new voice assistant 'Cortana'. They will introduce Cortana in their next version of Windows Phone, which is 8.1 scheduled to be release in September. Let's have a look at the Cortana Icon and options we will have with this voice assistant:

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