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Thread: Moto X Top 5 features

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    Respected Members TD Tech's Avatar
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    Nov 2011

    Moto X Top 5 features

    We have been reading several articles and watching videos about the new Moto X which recently launched in USA. Moto has always been great in its design and uniqueness. I have mentioned here the major highlights of the new moto X. The Moto X has highly amazing looks with conically shaped back and is very thin enabling comfortable handling of the device. The moto X is a customizable device and there is a wide options that you can choose from before buying. You can choose from about 18 different options for the back and 7 different buttons and the camera rim. There are no such devices providing so many customization options to the users. This is all possible because of the introduction of "Moto Maker". Just have a look at MotoMaker:

    The Moto X has a 10MP camera giving great output. The photos are lively and videos are HD. It has a 1/2.6? sensor with a pixel size of 1.4 um. The sensors are provided by the OmnivisionOV10820 and OV660 combo which is said to be really superior. Moto X has provided features to its camera much above the expected standards. The clicks are going to be bright on this phone. There are many more things in to it which you would discover on usage.

    Touchless control is a great feature incorporated in this device. It is enabled by natural language processor in the X8 chipset. It waits for certain command by the users and once the appropriate command is given the screen wakes up and follows the users. This handset allows natural language interface. You need not even use your hands to touch and scroll through the handset.

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    Nov 2011

    Re: Moto X Top 5 features

    Active Display is another highlight of the Moto X and is powered by contextual processor. You would notice a bubble with latest notification. Just swipe it and either read or clear it out. This feature would be a really bliss to the users as we usually want the notifications to be just glanced and go. Contextual processor not only enables this function but also helps in quick capture too. It also save the battery life of your handset. The battery provided in this handset is 2200mAh.

    Moto is going to provide a NFC authentication tag for security purpose. It would unlock your device without you putting in the password to unlock. NFC based plastic tokens would be the one unlocking it. If this tag is not nearby the handset it would prompt you to enter the password. NFC tag is wearable and help you create safe zones. This is another features that is unique and is quite interesting

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