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Thread: Sony soon to launch Fastest home internet @ 2GBPS

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2011

    Sony soon to launch Fastest home internet @ 2GBPS

    Recently Sony unveiled the future of high speed internet connection. Soon it will be possible to get 2GBPS of internet bandwidth at your home. This will be the fastest internet connection in the world. Sony looks to be coming in the ISP market with great speed and feature.

    The cost of this bandwidth is not yet confirmed and there is also no final information available on which countries are going to have this first. But I am really sure that this will be surely very costly at start.

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    Respected Members TD Tech's Avatar
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    Nov 2011

    Re: Sony soon to launch Fastest home internet @ 2GBPS

    Yeah, even I heard that news. Still Sony is working on that and Japan will be the first country to get that much amount of bandwidth. Sony is going to become an ISP provider now. They are starting a new business in the name of So-Net Entertainment who's first package consist of this 2GB internet pack. It would be surely the world's faster internet connection capable of giving ultra blazing speed compared to any other web connection in the world. This will be a great solution for corporate and teaching institute.

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    Re: Sony soon to launch Fastest home internet @ 2GBPS

    Wow..that is simply great. And that might come to India after decade. We are still having a great issue with internet performance in our country. And talking about 2GBPS bandwidth is simply a dream here. It looks Sony is working on some different model of internet connection and providing that much of bandwidth means simply great.

    On this network downloading movies or transferring huge files will be done within blink of an eye. I hope this technology also spread in other countries.

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    Oct 2012

    Re: Sony soon to launch Fastest home internet @ 2GBPS

    FYI, that service will be supported by Google Fiber. The speed will offer around 2GBps of download speed and 1GBps of upload speed.

    It is simply not easy to get that amount of bandwidth without having a valid infrastructure. The fastest internet right now active is only in US in Kansas City where you can get service of 1GBPS of internet connection. You will also need to pay enough for the same. It is not cheap at all. The higher bandwidth the higher price will be asked.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Sony soon to launch Fastest home internet @ 2GBPS

    Long back Google has reported Google Fiber which is going to give a high speed internet bandwidth around the world. The first project is now implemented in Japan and then it will go in other countries. To get more information on the internet connection you can study Nuro Business model. That can give a wireframe of how this connection will be implement. In US 1GBps of internet bandwidth cost around Rs.4000. That is simply cheaper compare to what we are getting right now in India.

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