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Thread: Internet Explorer 10 gaining more popularity compared to older editions

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    Senior Member
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    Oct 2012

    Internet Explorer 10 gaining more popularity compared to older editions

    Microsoft has recently launched the new Internet Explorer 10 in the market due to which it seems like the older editions are now low in limelight. Let me remind you that so far Internet Explorer 10 was only available in Windows 8 but now even Windows 7 Users can also get it on their system. IE10 is now getting more and more popular and getting in close competition with Firefox and Chrome. Still Firefox has ample of users in the market, but it looks at slow pace IE10 is going to make it way. The new enhancement and better UI makes IE a stable and must to have web browser. It is a favorite browser for many corporate users since long time. But still due to low standards the browser failed to land one expectation in early edition. Today we can see the browsers are enhanced that deliver us more rich experience in web surfing along with application support where you can play with several add-ons. Internet Explorer 10 is specially optimized for Windows 8. But still it works smooth on Windows 7. It has better enhancement for touch based interface and easy to use also with more added features.

    The new web browser gives you app and games support also. It looks browser are falling in to race of third party app support which was done by Chrome a long time ago. In Chrome Store you can find ample of free apps and games. Now other browsers are also landing on the same thing. A dedicated browser based platform where you can access tons of new thing instantly and install them as per your need. At a single place you can find all your social update with enhanced graphics. You can simply visit http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/ to find out how IE more better and enhanced is. This new browser has extensive support for HTML 5 and allows you to run rich application easily.

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    Apr 2013

    Re: Internet Explorer 10 gaining more popularity compared to older editions

    There is a great change I had seen in the web Brower in past few years. IE is well known for security and still used by many while other browser are facing many vulnerabilities. I am trying to find the download of IE10 on Windows 7 but cannot find it. When I go on the download page I can still see IE9. It looks IE10 is not really out.

    However I am using the same on my Windows 8 laptop since long time. It is a bit better in performance and has good output. Can you please provide me download link for Windows 7?

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    Aug 2012

    Re: Internet Explorer 10 gaining more popularity compared to older editions

    That is because it is not finally available. You will have to wait back for the release. Till yet officially Microsoft has not released IE10 for Windows 7. That is why you are getting IE9 for download. The browser once released properly is going to gain a good rating in the market. Firefox and chrome are still dominating but in future there are chances of IE10 to come at more top part. The reason is clear. Smooth performance and rich app support.

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    Oct 2012

    Re: Internet Explorer 10 gaining more popularity compared to older editions

    Hello Fadil, please dont provide Wrong information in this community. Let me tell you that Internet Explorer 7 is already out (final version) for Windows 7 and it can be downloaded from here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/i...wide-languages. The only reason 'lesio' is not able to download or install might be because it has a system requirement. As you guys might be knowing that IE 10 was launched a year ago for Windows 8 and it was still available only for Windows 8. But now Microsoft has launched it for Windows 7 as well but you MUST have Service Pack 1 installed on Windows 7. If not SP1 installed, you wont be able to install IE 10 on Win7.

    So guys who willing to try out new IE 10 can visit the above link, choose your operating system and install.

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