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Thread: What is a good computer brand? Apple or Microsoft?

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    What is a good computer brand? Apple or Microsoft?

    Iím not sure which is better. Apple is luxurious and good but Microsoft is not expensive and okay? Can you guys give me like facts on which gets less viruses and which would be better for holding 1000's of photos?

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    Re: What is a good computer brand? Apple or Microsoft?

    Apple is better and here is why

    - Apple computers last 9 years until they get slow and worn out
    - Apple computers are very fast working and they are really good quality
    - Apple computers DON'T even get ANY viruses or threats!
    - From not having to EVER buy security for the computer, you save about $100.00 every month!

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    Re: What is a good computer brand? Apple or Microsoft?

    Okay so i got an apple laptop for my birthday and it is amazing. When i start it up it takes less than 5 seconds unlike the Microsoft computer i have, Also apple computers will hardly ever get viruses unlike Microsoft. You don't need to spend $100 on security system. My Microsoft computer got a virus and everything was erased. When you add a lot of Microsoft the processor gets slow unlike a Mac. Hands down by an apple it will save you on antivirus CD's and its way better.

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    Re: What is a good computer brand? Apple or Microsoft?

    I would say Apple as i love Apple products very much. I own a Iphone 4, and a Macbook.

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