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Thread: What points should be considered before buying a Smart TV

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    What points should be considered before buying a Smart TV

    I want to buy a smart TV. This is a new trend in the market. I had seen many manufacturers are providing more in a TV that offer options like voice recognition, Internet, Wi-Fi, USB, high-resolution, etc. but when I went online to check out the price of peace television said I found it five times costlier compared to a regular TV. So buying a smart TV blindly is not the right option.

    Iím looking for some kind of shopping guide can tell me what exactly to live when you are going to purchase it.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: What points should be considered before buying a Smart TV

    According to me this is not the right time to invest heavily on a television set with additional features. You can also find out android TV on the Internet is more costly than what youíre looking for. It will take some time when this TV can land into a budget price and deliver the same feature which they are offering right now.

    I was also willing to buy one but when I saw the price and variation in different products I found it complicated to decide what to buy and what not. So it is better if you have a PC you can invest in the regional science monitor which has a speaker and TV port so that you can use it on your set-top box and CPU also.

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    Re: What points should be considered before buying a Smart TV

    Manufacturer design or produce a very easy marketing strategy when they show an ultra-thin smart TV. They promise involving the product which would bring change in the current home entertainment scene. But that is not completely true. There are chances that you might get a TV overloaded features but also there are consequences like overheating, slow performance, etc. today it is smarter to buy a TV with multiple connectors than with a internal operating system.

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    Aug 2012

    Re: What points should be considered before buying a Smart TV

    I agree that smart TV 4 to 5 times costlier compared to the regular one. But you’re not able to find out what features it is going to provide you. It is a completely new gadget that can connect your router, you can use a USB or a USB hard drive on and even you can change the channel.

    So these kinds of things can attract you and also making a higher but can go directly any nearby electronic shop with your own eyes what kind of products are available. It is always better to go for branded products.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: What points should be considered before buying a Smart TV

    Just have some patience. A number of smart DVDS that comes in the market right now are working on Linux-based operating system. Going for android is a good choice but somehow it is necessary that you must buy a device which is reasonable and easy for upgrade also. I had just purchased a HDTV which is quite enough with internal features.

    If you need some additional option than you can purchase a set-top box to create a small media server.

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